'19 Kids and Counting' Duggar Family: How Jessa Met Ben?

By The Duggar Family Blog On April 10, 2014

Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: How did your daughter Jessa meet Ben?

We met Ben when his family came to visit our church. Afterwards we invited their family over to our home for fellowship, as we often do with guests to our church. I think Ben spotted Jess, but he didn't go up to her then. We'd met Ben's parents years ago when we were in the Little Rock area while Jim Bob was serving in the legislature. We visited a church that they attended, so we did know their family in a roundabout way, just a distant friendship.

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During fellowship at our home, Ben and Jim Bob would often sit with the guys and talk about doctrine and the Bible. At one 
point, Jim Bob said to Ben, "You know, you've been bringing up a lot of these truths from the scripture. This is a topic that we've actually been talking about in our home and Jessa has really been studying this very thing. You guys would probably enjoy talking about it. So why don't you text her?"

It's so funny. Jim Bob was the initiator. I don't know if Jim Bob even knew that Ben was really interested in her, but he had already spotted Jessa. They started texting and talking about these scriptures and things just took off.

A few of our girls have had men come up to them and ask for their phone numbers. And our daughters have always explained to them that if anybody asked for their phone numbers, they would tell them to ask their dad. Then they would give them Jim Bob's phone number. Sometimes the guy would never call and other times they would, but the girls would quickly let Jim Bob know if there was an interest on their part. Jim Bob is the "no" man.

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