Are Christian Singles The New Second Class Christian?

By Duke Taber - Christian Post On July 31, 2013

Recently I got my feathers ruffled. That happens at times when people say or do things that are contrary to the things I hold dear or contrary to biblical teachings or both. This time it was both. I was sitting down having dinner with some friends of mine who are in pastoral ministry and looking to retire. We were talking about what they were looking for in a replacement for them. In the context of that conversation the statement was made, "we would not consider someone who was not married".


Now I understand that there is a generational difference of perspective going on here and I understand that calling someone to be a pastor who is single presents its own challenges, but that statement flies in the face of biblical recommendation and is seriously prejudicial.

So I want to take a moment not only to vent, (Can you allow me the grace to do that?) but also to set the record straight that being single is not some type of disease, stigma, or disqualifying condition.

Single People Are Complete People

There is a misnomer in our society. It is the thought that we have to find someone else to be our other half or that we have to be married to be complete. This is totally against what the Bible teaches concerning the nature of man. God created man in His image. He created them male and female. It does not teach that He created two half beings that when they come together they are complete, but instead it teaches that both male and female are complete creations formed in His image.

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