Did Ariel Sharon Die Last Week, or Eight Years Ago?

By WesleyJ. Smith/Life Site News On January 14, 2014

Former Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

has died
. But according to some bioethicists who push Personhood Theory, he actually died eight years ago when a stroke put him into a permanently unconscious state. You see, they want to destroy human exceptionalism and the sanctity of human life.

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In its place, they argue, we should instill a "quality of life" ethic that bases moral value on capacities.

In this view, being a living human being is morally irrelevant. To have full moral value, under personhood theory, you have to exhibit minimal capacities-such as the ability to value your own life or self awareness over time. Peter Singer is the most famous proponent, but he reflects a mainstream view in secular bioethics.

Thus, some say people like Ariel Sharon actually died when he lost his "personal" life.

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