The Night "Technology" Hiccuped

At 4:15, last Thursday afternoon, the great god "Technology" hiccuped and threw the entire northeast United States, and parts of southeast Canada, into darkness.

Good Choices / Bad Choices

Two Old Testament characters are famous for making bad choices, then suffering the consequences -- Lot and David.


Jesus has given you a fist full of brightly colored balloons. He says each has great significance and tells you to hold them tightly so they won't get away.

The Body Beautiful

In a 24 hour period, if you're an adult of average weight, here are some of the wonderful things you do: Your heart beats 103,689 times

A Dangerous Business

Many think the "good life" requires an abundance of material possessions, but Jesus taught there was much more to life than riches.

Even When You Don't Feel Like It!

Some days are days and others, well....!! I think we all have our days when things don't go exactly the way that we want or plan.

Storms of Life

Sometimes the hardest time to stand, is when you are in the midst of a battle, a trial or situation in your life that looks to be totally out of control, beyond hope or anything you can do to change it.


Today has been a good day! My friend Lewis, who helped me a few weeks back to removed all the clutter from off my porch was back this afternoon after church and taking a nap,

It's All About Him

“A Heart of Worship” by Matt Redman, what an awesome song. I have been listening to it a lot lately and one of the main statements made in this worship and praise song is, “It’s All About You Lord, It’s All About You!”

Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder sometimes, “Why Bother?”, “What’s the use?”, “Who really cares?” I think we all have times like that, when we really are fighting a spiritual battle that seems to bring us down to the lowest ebb in our lives.

A Refreshing Rain

As I am sitting here on the porch this morning there is such a freshness in the air. A smell of freshness that brings with it a sense of cleansing, a removal of staleness, dryness and the hardness of the ground as the rain begins to saturate it.

It's Just A Little Thing!

What makes us so stubborn, so hardheaded that we allow all common sense to go out the window and do what we think is right when in reality it is wrong and we know it is wrong and we go ahead and do it anyway.

Encouraging every light in the candelabra to shine

I couldn’t wait to get home from Vacation Bible School. The pastor gave a salvation message that was brilliant. I loved his simple approach. Expectantly, I asked my grandkids “ What did you think of the lesson?”

The Parable of the Shepherd

Once upon a time there was shepherd who owned a pasture in far off land. Since the shepherd lived far away from the pasture, he had hired some men to watch over his sheep and take good care of them.

The Potter

This is one of the classic passages in the Bible where God reveals how he deals with human lives. God is the potter and we are the clay.

Not Just Another Girl

It was another one of those incidents where I tried to stay out of what was going on around me, but got pulled in anyway.