Perfect in Christ

Perfect in Christ

The prophets gave clues. Their words spoke of time when God would dwell among His people. They wrote of a transformed life. They told of a day when the Spirit of God would be poured out. Jesus clarified those ancient prophecies by saying that He would be back to make His home in those who obeyed Him. The apostles came to realize they were living in that day.

Live in the Light of Eternity

The Thessalonian church was worried about those who had died. They thought that the return of Christ would come before their death. Paul told them that what he is about to share came from Jesus' own lips. Peter, or one of the other apostles, must have shared this with Paul. We don't find it in the Gospels. If Paul had not relayed it to this church, we wouldn't know the encouraging truth found here.

Kids' Devotions: Dumb Ducks

Does Satan fool you by making sin look attractive? He likes to keep you from seeing the ugly side of doing wrong things. If someone gets away with stealing candy, shoplifting may look attractive. When someone cheats and gets a good grade, it may seem like cheating is a good idea.

Max Lucado: “Oh, Daddy!”

When my eldest daughter was 13, she flubbed her piano piece at a recital. The silence in the auditorium was broken only by the pounding of her parents' hearts. She hurried off the stage, threw her arms around me and buried her face in my shirt. "Oh, Daddy." That was enough for me.

Spiritual Experiences, What Shall We Expect?

The vision of the Angel of the Lord came to Moses while he was involved in his everyday work. That is exactly where the Lord delights in giving His revelations. He seeks a man traveling an ordinary road, and "suddenly a light from heaven" (Acts 9:3) shines on him.

Plead His Own Promise

This is a promise pleaded, and so it yields double instruction to us. Anything which the Lord God has spoken we should receive as surely true, and then plead it at the throne.

For One Great Concern...

What does it mean to devote oneself to prayer? What would you say you are devoted to? Paul encouraged the Colossians to make that kind of life commitment, watching for God's instructions, and expressing thanks for all His goodness.

Kids' Devotions: The Guardrail

Are you grateful for the wisdom and guidance of your parents? God has given them authority over you, and many of the rules they make are to guide you away from dangerous and harmful behavior. The next time you're tempted to disobey, think of rules as guardrails. Remember that God often uses parents or other family members and their rules to protect you from danger.

Greg Laurie's Daily Devotion: A Gift of Peace

One of the first things I remember about the day I put my faith in Christ was the sense of peace filling my heart. It was as though someone had lifted a heavy burden from me. It wasn't until later, when I read the Bible, that I learned about God's promise of peace to every believer. He has given it to us as a gift.

How to Live a Successful Life

How is it to live a life free from worries and sufferings? What does it take to have a successful and prosperous life? A life filled with joys and happiness, living in abundance of God’s favor.

God Hears Your Prayers

God is listening and He hears you every time you pray. In fact, He wants to establish a relationship with you. Don’t you know that every time you come to God in tears He records it? Psalm 56:8 says “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.”

Anger Management

Are we always angry because of what’s happening around us? How do we deal anger and how do we suppress it?