Perfect in Christ

Perfect in Christ

The prophets gave clues. Their words spoke of time when God would dwell among His people. They wrote of a transformed life. They told of a day when the Spirit of God would be poured out. Jesus clarified those ancient prophecies by saying that He would be back to make His home in those who obeyed Him. The apostles came to realize they were living in that day.

We Are Stewards of Christ

This is the principle of teaching others to teach others. As you have read through this devotional, you have had times in which the Spirit of God taught you something of great value from the Word. It became a part of your growth in Christ. That thing you learned, you are then a steward of. God has entrusted you with that truth. The truth sets us free. In some way, it made you a freer person.

Kids' Devotions: Nutcracker

Do you worry that you might go to hell? Everyone has sinned and deserves to go to hell, but when Jesus died on the cross, He took that punishment for our sin. If you trust in Him, you don't need to worry about going there. If you haven't accepted Jesus, don't wait any longer. Receive Him right now and experience the joy of having your sins forgiven.

Max Lucado: Some Assembly Required

Do you want to see a father's face go ashen? Position yourself nearby as he discovers three words on the box of a just-bought toy: "Some assembly required!" What follows are hours of squeezing A into B, bolting D into F, sliding R over Z, and hoping no one notices if steps four, five, and six were skipped altogether. I'm convinced the devil indwells the details of toy assembly. Somewhere in perdition is a warehouse of stolen toy parts.

The Deep Mystery of Prayer

This is a deep mystery of prayer. It is a delicate, divine tool that words cannot express and theology cannot explain, but the humblest believer knows, even when he does not understand.

Immortal till Work Done

A fair assurance this! It was no doubt based upon a promise, inwardly whispered in the Psalmist's heart, which he seized upon and enjoyed. Is my case like that of David? Am I depressed because the enemy affronts me? Are there multitudes against me, and few on my side? Does unbelief bid me lie down and die in despair - a defeated, dishonored man? Do my enemies begin to dig my grave?

Stir up Your Gitfs with God

We have an insight into a special experience between Paul, Timothy and the Holy Spirit. At some time, Paul had laid hands on Timothy. It may have been when he was ordaining him to be an elder. At that particular moment, God gave Timothy a gift. Paul does not say what it was. I would guess it was to teach, preach and evangelize. Just because the gift was given, does not mean it automatically comes forth. Just as you fan coals into a flame of fire, Paul encouraged Timothy to work at stirring up his gift.

Kids' Devotions: All the Same

Do you accept people who are different from you? Are you patient with those who are slower than you or do things differently? Remember that all Christians are part of the body of believers. Each part of a body—the hand, the foot, the eye, and so on—is quite different in looks and in function, but each part is important. Similarly, each person looks, thinks, and acts in a different way. Each has different skills and talents. But each one is precious and important to God.

Running with Patience

Running "with patience" is a very difficult thing to do. The word "running" itself suggests the absence of patience, or an eagerness to reach the goal. Yet we often associate patience with lying down or standing still. We think of it as an angel who guards the bed of the disabled. Yet I do not believe that the kind of patience a disabled person may have is the hardest to achieve.

Thorough Cleansing

What an exceeding joy is this! He who has purified us with the blood of Jesus will also cleanse us by the water of the Holy Spirit. God hath said it, and so it must be, "Ye shall be clean."

Are You Man/Woman of God? Test Your Desires

Paul had just warned Timothy about the destructiveness of the desire for riches. Then he told Timothy what he should be pursuing. First, he referred to him as a man of God. Do you think of yourself as a man or woman of God? How would it feel if someone referred to you in that manner? It should cause us to pause and consider our high and holy calling. Pursuing money is an unworthy goal for a man or woman of God.

Kids' Devotions: Smart Move

Do your actions show that you are a believer? Do people see that you love others, that you're honest, that you're unselfish? The saying "Actions speak louder than words" is still true. Maybe you need to make some apologies and change some things in your life. Let your actions declare that you belong to Jesus. Make sure they let others know you're on His side.