Kids' Devotions: Bitter Medicine

Do you enjoy being disciplined? No one does! But the correction you receive from your parents helps you grow into a mature, responsible adult. Disciplining a child for bad behavior is hard for a parent, but it's needed for good behavior to happen. Don't resent discipline. Instead, be glad someone cares.

Kids' Devotions: Heart Watchers

Are you tempted to just try something that's not good? Doing just a little of what you shouldn't adds up and can lead to a destructive lifestyle that will harm your relationship with God and others. You need a daily diet of God's Word, accountability to other believers, and the power of the Holy Spirit to resist temptations. Seek the help you need-starting today!

Kids' Devotions: Grandpa Forgets

Do you feel sad because someone seems to have forgotten you? Perhaps a friend moved away or a grandparent doesn't seem to remember you anymore. Stop for a moment and thank God that He never forgets His own! Pray for the person you miss. He or she may be feeling lonely, too.

Kids' Devotions: Noah’s Ark

Do other people sometimes annoy you? God's family is like Noah's Ark. It contains all of God's children, even those we don't always get along with. But God wants you to accept other Christians and live in harmony with them. He's willing to help if you ask Him.

Kids' Devotions: Overload

Do you ever wish your parents had more money or things? Surprisingly, many rich people are often so focused on managing their possessions that they can't enjoy them. Money provides physical comforts, but there are things that are much more important. It's much better to be rich toward God than to be rich in the things of this world. Don't overburden yourself seeking riches that don't satisfy.

Kids' Devotions: The Right Equipment

Are you properly equipped to be a servant for the Lord? Do you read and memorize God's Word so you know how to live as a Christian and can be prepared to share His love with others? Do you spend time talking to the Lord? Don't try to play the game-to live a Christian life-without the right equipment.

Kids' Devotions: Tips from Tippy

Are you afraid of what might happen to you in the future? When someone you know is hurt in a car accident, are you afraid the same thing might happen to you? Remember that God loves you and wants what is best for you. Whatever happens, God will be with you and will help you through the difficult times in your life. Ask Him to take your fears away and help you trust Him.

Kids' Devotions: To Laugh or Not to Laugh

Do you find it hard to know when it's okay to laugh at something? Remember that God wants you to be kind. If you're tempted to laugh at someone, imagine how it would feel to have others laughing at you. If you wouldn't mind, it's probably okay. But if it would hurt you, or if the person seems to be offended at others laughing, stop. Honor God by being sensitive to people's feelings.

Kids' Devotions: All-the-Time Friend

Do you talk to God about everything, or only if you need something? Wouldn't it be great to be called-as Abraham was-a "friend of God"? He wants you to talk with Him in all kinds of situations. Thank Him for the things you see on your way to school. Share your thoughts about people and things that happen. Praise Him for being your Lord. Treat Him like a good friend all the time.

Kids' Devotions: A Farmhouse on Mars

Have you ever been told the world and all the things in it just happened- that it all just came together by chance? When you think about it, that makes no sense at all. Everything you see and use each day required a designer and a builder-and that includes things in nature. God says the world was created by Him. Believe it!

Kids' Devotions: A Watching Eye

Have you ever done something wrong when you thought no one was looking? Perhaps you think you got away with it. You didn't. God saw what happened. He also sees your heart, and He takes that into account. Talk to God about it. Tell Him how you feel, and ask Him to forgive you. Then go to the person you wronged and ask them for forgiveness, too.

Kids' Devotions: Out of Tune

Do you wear whatever's in style? Or listen to the same music and watch the same TV shows as everyone else? That's fine if it's something God would approve of, but the world embraces many things that go against the standards God has set for Christians. Make sure the things you let into your life are in tune with God, not the world.

Kids' Devotions: Bad Eggs

Have you had thoughts that you know don't belong in a Christian's mind? Recognize that Satan is the one who tries to put those thoughts in your head. Resist him by telling God about it in prayer and by cutting out things that influence you to have such thoughts. God is willing and able to help you think about other things.

Kids' Devotions: One Step at a Time

Do you ever wish you could be older than you are now? It's hard to be patient, but God has a time for everything. Instead of focusing on what you can't do yet, put your energy into doing what you can do now. As you get older, you'll be able to do more things, but you'll also have more responsibilities. So enjoy the age you are now. Enjoy being a kid!

Kids' Devotions: The Lying Cereal Box

Have you ever been deceived-been given the wrong idea-by someone? Do you ever deceive other people? Deception is allowing someone to believe something that isn't true. There are other ways to lie besides just saying something that isn't true, and all of them are wrong. Speak honest words, but live an honest life, too.

Kids' Devotions: What I Deserve

Do you think you deserve to go to heaven? If so, you’re wrong! Don’t ask God for what you deserve—you really don’t want it! The Bible says that you’re a sinner and the “wages of sin death” (Romans 6:23). Because of His mercy and grace, if you trust in Jesus, He won’t give you what you deserve. Instead, He’ll give you His gift of eternal life.