How Did Sin Enter the World?

By - Wonderzone On January 6, 2006

God placed the very first people, Adam and Eve, in the garden. He told them they were not to eat the fruit from one certain tree or they would die. God's enemy, Satan, tricked Eve into eating the fruit. Adam ate it, too. In choosing to disobey God, they sinned.

God told Adam that they would have to leave the garden. They would have pain and sickness and their bodies would die. Sin separated Adam and Eve from God, who is holy and perfect.

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Ever since Adam and Eve sinned, everyone is born sinful and separated from God. The Bible says, "For all have sinned . . ." (Romans 3:23). Sin is thinking, saying or doing things that break God's laws. It is sin in your heart that causes you to do bad things. You cannot get rid of your sin by yourself. You deserve to be punished for your sin. Only God can forgive you so that you will not be separated from Him forever.


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