The Wisdom of God for Daily Living (Pr.16:11)

By Betty Miller On May 11, 2012

Thoughts for the Day

This verse in Proverbs deals with dishonesty. In Bible days much of the trade was done by weighing items on a pair of scales. While the item to be purchased was placed on one of the trays, the other tray held a corresponding weight and when the scales were balanced the amount could be determined. Since the item was sold by quantity, and the price was determined by weight, a fair and equitable price was established. However, just as we have crooks today, there were traders who tampered with the weights, thus causing the customer to pay for more than they were actually getting. The weights were unjust, which resulted in a false balance or standard. The Lord says that a false balance is an abomination to Him because it is cheating. Our God is a just God, so He loves justice and equity. He wants all of His children to be fair and just too, and never cheat each other in any way.

A pair of scales has always been representative of balance, justice and equity. The above verse in Proverbs tells us that when the balance is false it becomes sinful. Today many things have become "out-of-balance" in regard to the true teachings of the Bible; therefore, they too have become sinful in the eyes of God. Many people take only portions of God s Word and build them into doctrines without considering other portions that bring balance to the ones they are propagating. This always results in error as they have taken extreme views of God s Word. A great deal of division in the body of Christ is due to this very problem.

Those outside of the body of Christ are also affected as they see things within the church that should not exist and therefore want no part of Christianity because of these extremes. When people get out-of-balance in certain areas, it turns others away from Jesus instead of bringing them to Jesus. We have all been guilty of this at times, as it is not always easy to walk in perfect balance with the Lord.

However, the Holy Spirit s desire is that we learn this balanced walk, as it is the only way we will come into perfection. When the Holy Spirit is doing something new, the pendulum sometimes does swing rather far in one direction as people are so eager to hear and practice new truths. However, after these are learned it is important that they swing back into balance or else they will end up in extremes that will bring discord into their lives.

Jesus is the Rock. He is solid and stable and will not change. For this reason we can trust Him and believe the Words He has spoken to us. If He said it, then that settles it. It is truth because He cannot lie. If He said it and we believe it, then faith in His Word will produce those things that are promised to us in the Bible. Knowing only portions of the Word can cause us to become imbalanced. We must seek to know the whole truth and be completely surrendered to the will of God for us to be victorious and successful Christians. Stressing one portion of God s Word will invariably produce prayer failures. This is the reason for many "faith" failures today. It is not so much people s lack of faith that fails to produce the answers they are seeking, but their failure to apply other portions of God s Word.

Prayer for the Day

"Father, we come to You in Jesus most precious name, thanking You for Your love for us. Lord, You see the areas in our lives that are not in balance. We ask that You reveal those to us and help us to walk in the path of righteousness and Your holy balance. Deliver us from error and all that is an abomination to You. Heal us today spirit, soul and body so that we might serve You by walking in a victorious Christian life. Let our lights shine so that truly others might see Your love in us. In Jesus name we pray, Amen."

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