6 Great Kids Movies in Theaters Now

Do you wonder what movie to see with your little ones? Check out these 6 movies playing in the theaters now and plan the perfect family movie night.

Five Tips for Talking to Kids about the Story of Jesus

As Son of God hits theaters this weekend, many parents will struggle with how to explain the more difficult aspects of Jesus' life - such as the virgin birth and the crucifixion - to their children. Fortunately, American Bible Society's Children's Ministry Senior Advisor Margi McCombs is offering tips to help parents navigate the complicated conversations. "The Bible is the grand narrative of God's love for and pursuit of humankind," said McCombs

10 Great Tips to Become a Patient Parent

There are no perfect angels when it comes to moms and dads - we all get frustrated or angry and lose it from time to time. But patience can be developed over time - it's a habit, and like any other habit, it just takes some focus. Here's a list of 10 great tips and methods I'm trying out and experimenting with to help me become a more patient parent:

Help the Children Love the Different People

I have eight ways to help your children love those who are different from them. There is an order to them, and I will try to explain it along the way. The gospel of Christ comes in at number five. And the reason it comes so late is that this is the way it works in raising children. They can understand things about God and about what God commands before they can know the meaning of their own depravity and the glory of the way God worked salvation in Christ.

Peacemaker Ministries: Children Can Be Peacemakers

Whoever first said raising children is a challenge should be inducted into the Understatement Hall of Fame. Children offer their parents continuous-and bountiful-blessing, true. They can be the picture of innocence, little independent units of humanity with bright, sparkling eyes and completely candid emotions. And when brought up to trust and love their Lord, they gladden many a parental heart.

What Is Behind Your Child's Resistant Behavior?

How many times do you get frustrated with your child's behavior? When your child resists you, you may feel frustrated and then decide to punish them. You expect punishment would bring good results and reduce the child's unfavorable behavior. However, is your child's behavior getting better with punishment?

The Shortest Path From Point A to Point B Is Not Always the Best. True?

"Many parents, including myself, are initially confident we can change our child. We don't surrender to our child's will (which is good), but we try to dominate the child with our own (which is bad). Without realizing it, we become demanding. We are driven by the hope of real change, but the change occurs because we make the right moves.