'19 Kids and Counting' Jill Duggar and her Husband Returned from Honeymoon, Enjoying Married Life (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

By Deborah Lee, Crossmap On July 17, 2014

19 Kids and Counting's star Jill Duggar and her new husband Derick Dillard just returned from their week-long honeymoon.

This newly-wed couple really enjoy their married life. "I have the most amazing guy," Jill, 23-year-old daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, told People Magazine. "Everything about being married is awesome."


Their joy and happiness from honeymoon in Kil Devil Hills, NC is contagious."Every morning, we would wake up and go out and sit on the deck and listen to the waves," she said in a statement excitedly. "It was beautiful. It was very private without a lot of people there yet for the season. It was so relaxing...it was wonderful."

Now, the new bride is focused on homemaking. "I love to cook and have been able to do a lot of cooking," she told People. "Cooking for two people is a learning experience in and of itself."

Meanwhile, the couple makes every effort to spend time together. "Our house is really close to Derick's work," Jill said. "I have been able to drop him off in the morning and meet him for lunch so we can spend more time together. It has really been a lot of fun."

If you watched TLC's latest season of "19 Kids and Counting," you would be impressed or astonished with Jill and Derick Dillard's relationship. This young couple had applied conservative dating methods, including no hand holding, side hugs, and chaperones on every date.

"We're just really trying to keep our relationship focused not on the physical but really just more on communication and continuing to learn more about each other," Jill told the Associated Press at the time."We're saving our first kiss and things beyond that for our wedding."

This was inherited from Jill's parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. "We have told our kids in courtship to set their own rules, and then bring them to mom and dad to kind of let us oversee that, and then also hold you accountable in those," Jim Bob told ABC.

"Michelle and I are really grateful that [Derick and Jill] chose to set high standards, " said Jim Bob. "[They have] decided to have high standards in order to keep themselves pure and also set an example for their younger siblings."

However, the relationship between Mr.&Mrs. Dillard never lacks of romance. If you see their sweet photos shared via Instagram, you can tell they are crazy in love.

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