7 Things God Says Are Holy; What's Sacred to Us?

By Max lucado, Christian Post On September 20, 2016

I played the position of catcher in Little League baseball. I played catcher in Pony League baseball. I was a catcher in high school baseball. In college I played catcher on an intramural softball team. I spent a lot of time hunkered down behind home plate; hundreds of hours, thousands of innings, thousands upon thousands of pitches. During all of those games and practices, I noticed something.

The width of home plate never changed. It was always seventeen inches wide. Its dimensions were never up for discussion. We players could choose our uniforms, hats, shoes, and bats. But when it came to the plate, it was unchangeable and its size non-negotiable. When a pitcher couldn't throw the ball over the seventeen-inch wide mark, the umpire didn't offer to widen it. He never said: "Hey, buddy, I'm going to get a new plate just for you. Would twenty-five inches help?"

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The width of the plate was immutable.

We might even say that the width of the home plate was "holy." That's a bit of a stretch, I know. Yet the idea of holiness in the Bible is, in many ways, like the home plate in baseball. Holiness describes something that is "set apart" and predetermined by God. Popular opinion cannot change it. Majority rule does not alter it. My preference does not affect it. The Supreme Court cannot change it. When God deems something as holy, it is holy from Little League to the Majors, from the beginning of life to the end of life.

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