Behind the Scenes: “Opera Trio Forte – Panikkar” Performs With Fragrance of Christ in “America’s Got Talent”; New Album “Caruso” Debuts on Nov 12

"Opera Trio Forte" stems from an unbelievable story, "America's Got Talent." The group met each other only a couple days ago before their first performance. They were completely amazed with their results from their performance singing "Pie Jesu." Their heartfelt performance really touched the hearts of the audience.

Opera Trio Forte - Panikkar

Opera Trio Forte - Panikkar.

The follow-up question is: how can culturally diverse people come to sing in harmony? 

"Opera Trio Forte" has teamed up by Fernando Varela from Puerto Rico, Hana Ryu from South Korea, and Josh Page from New York.  They met each other on Skype and prepared the first performance only a couple weeks ago.

The host of "America's Got Talent" interviewed the group and asked when they had met each other face to face. Their answer was "just a few days before being here."  It was unbelievable to perform in "American's Got Talent" but Opera Trio Forte sang "Pie Jesu" with the power and incredible voice that grasped the audiences and hosts attention. 

Behind the scenes, however, Opera Trio Forte knows that their performance was impossible to perform without God. They believe that as they performed blessings from God poured upon them and the audiences.  Their short and limited rehearsal time could not bring the graceful results that came about. Only God could make that possible.

Because of visa complications, Hana Ryu could not join the next group performance.

Varela and Page felt unable to continue. However, God's hands were with them.  They were able to find Sean Panikkar from Sri-Lanka one day before their performance in Las Vegas. They confessed that they had no idea whether their performance would work out. But they kept on going until the next performance.

Panikkar shared that he was so surprised when he saw an email from "Opera Trio Forte." He did not know what to do and just came back to pray with his wife.  After prayer, he was sure that God would use him to be a fragrance of Christ. Then he said yes to the offer and went on to perform "The Prayer" with "Opera Trio Forte - Panikkar"

"Opera Trio Forte - Panikkar" accomplished the number one in America's Got Talent.  Most recently, "Opera Trio Forte - Panikkar" has been reported in preparing for the lead single "Caruso" by producer Nick Patrick that will be released on November 12.