Can Brazil Become a New Force in Christianity?

By Brian C. Stiller , Christian Post On September 21, 2016

Brazil is huge. A population of two hundred million live in a land mass slightly smaller than the United States or China. It's Amazon basin, over seven million square kilometers is rich in unexplored terrain, home to more than a third of known species, expansive as "lungs" of the globe, its seeming endless river winds its way from the mountains of Peru, some 6,992 kilometers to the Atlantic Ocean.

A country of over one hundred and fifty languages among 450 tribes, this country gives up stories of heroic proportion: missionaries who have given life and limb to reach back into the upstream of culture, living in primitive circumstances all to first create written form of local languages and dialects, then translate the Bible as a precursor for today's mission outreach.

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Today this country is a labyrinth of Christian leaders, churches, movements and missions which would keep a researcher occupied for months just to locate and identify.

This has been Brazil's year. The Olympics for sure. Grand in scale, set in a spectacular landscape of stunning beauty yet marred by frightening hillside communities called Favelas, gang-controlled slums.