'Duck Dynasty' Season 4 Premiere TONIGHT: Phil And Miss Kay Renew Their Vows, Who Will Be Phil's Best Man?; 'Beardless' Brother Alan Is Introduced To Viewers

By Katherine Diaz, Crossmap On August 14, 2013

"Duck Dynasty" Season 4 premieres is tonight, Wednesday, August 14. The hit reality show's long awaited premiere will be filled with surprises for the Cast and also the viewers.

The season premiere will focus is the renewal of Phil and Miss Kay's vows. Uncle Si is assigned to distract Phil and Miss Kay, while their sons, Willie, Jase and Jep, prepare a surprise vow renewal ceremony for their parent's 49th anniversary. 

Meanwhile, Willie and Jep's wives, Jessica and Korie, talk about Phil and Miss Kay's upcoming anniversary. Since Phil and Miss Kay never had an official wedding ceremony, they decided to start planning one for them.

The main conflict in the first episode of "Duck Dynasty" Season 4 is shown in a preview includes Phil's sons, Willie and Jase, arguing over who should be the best man.

Viewers may be surprised by the "beardless" son of Phil and Kay Robertson, Alan.

Alan, who is the oldest son of the Robertson clan, has never been on the show before, but will be introduced on the premiere and make regular appearances throughout the season. He in fact will be the one to officiate the vows of Miss Kay and Phil on the season's premiere. 

When the family had an interview with Katie Couric that aired Monday, Alan told Couric he left Duck Comander in 1988 to enter ministry as a pastor, but says returning to the family business will give him an opportunity to minister to more people around the world.

He even joked about his differences from the rest of the Robertsons.

"I've sort of been the outcast, no doubt about it, in the family because I bathe regularly. I wear deodorant...I shave. So they kind of kept me in the back, and so I finally forced my way out," he said.

"Duck Dynasty" has become a hit reality show. When the family had an interview with Kate Couric, Willie shared that the family has been doing videos for years and then A&E "came out of nowhere."

"A&E came out of nowhere and wanted two pilots," said Willie. "I don't know if they knew...how funny it would be. I think, when looking at us, we don't look like comedians, but it turned out so funny and real family oriented and they had a hit."

The "Duck Dynasty" season three finale was watched by nearly 10 million people nationwide, making it the most-watched series telecast ever for A&E.


The premiere episode of "Duck Dynasty," titled "Till Duck Do Us Part", airs tonight, August 14, Wednesday at 10 p.m. on A&E.



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