‘Duck Dynasty’ Si Robertson Says We Need Sin Control Not Gun Control in an Interview with Men's Journal

"Duck Dynasty" star Si Robertson makes his stance on gun control in an interview with Men's Journal.

'Duck Dynasty' Stars The Robertson Family

In a wide-ranging interview with Men's Journal, Uncle Si described how he was a sinner during his younger days when he was drafted into the army and served in Vietnam.

"I kept a fifth of whiskey in my pocket everywhere I went," he said. "I tried dope one time, okay, like marijuana, but why would you smoke something that makes you feel 100 years old? So, drugs wasn't it for me. In my mind, it was alcohol and whoring around."

Robertson said he was worried about the pedestal the family has been put on since the reality show took off.

"Look, I worry that people put us on a pedestal now," he told Men's Journal. "We're human beings. We make mistakes just like everybody else."

"The other night, it's 12:03 in the morning, and somebody is knocking on the door, and I'm like, 'You've got to be kidding me,' and I look outside and there's 25 people standing in my yard," he said. "You know, He's the reason this show has gone on like it has, but I have to ask Him every day, 'Give me strength to deal with this.'"

The Robertson family has stood up for gun rights before - Phil and Kay Robertson headlined a Friends of NRA event in Oklahoma earlier this month, according to The Enid News.

The A&E reality show has been a ratings juggernaut as the Season 4 premiere was watched by 11.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched nonfiction series telecast in the history of cable television.

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