HIV Cure News and Updates: A Vaccine to Cure AIDS and HIV Might Be Available Anytime Soon?

By Sophia Smith On April 8, 2015


HIV Infected cell

A vaccine for HIV might available for us anytime soon according to Px Therapeutics France.

Here's the latest on HIV Cure news and updates.

2015, seems to be a great year when it come to discovering cure for the dreaded HIV. Last time we wrote about an article that  may potentially cure AIDS. And now we're going to write about a vaccine that has been formed that might prevent the virus from entering the body.

Every December 1 (World AIDS Day) we are faced with the reality have there are millions upon millions of people have fallen to this disease. According to latest statistic, there are 35 million people around the world who is currently living with HIV, and 25 million of which are in Africa.

Antiretroviral therapies may have helped in slowing down the progress of the disease but the drug for this is very pricy and can be very toxic in the long run. Scientists around the world has been looking for a vaccine to defeat this disease for many year, and a research in the heart between 17 European partners in the Euroneut 41 program has been trying to form a vaccine that will block HIV from every entering the body, after all prevention is better than cure. They are using an innovative vaccine that is based on GP41, a protein that is found in the virus.

Px Therapeutics in France has synthesized the protein GP41 to further enhance it to create a version that can best get a immune response. Nicola Mous (Director of Px Therapeutics) explained why GP41 protein has been chosen for the vaccine.

"The GP41 protein was selected because it's located on the surface of the virus, so it's a protein that can be seen by the immune system. It also plays a key role in the virus' cell-entry mechanism."

One of the challenging things about HIV is the fact that it constantly mutates which makes it hard to detect by the immune system. However, GP41 is unchangeable which can be the virus' Achilles heel. If the human body produces a neutralizing antibody against the protein, then a vaccine can be effective against the strains.

At the moment, there are more than 40 versions of GP41 were created and screened to optimize the immune response. Human test is now in progress as a candidate was tested in the UK. Immunologist Dr. David Lewis supervised the trial in the phase of the clinical trial on a healthy female volunteer.

Dr. Lewis added, "If you give a vaccine in the nose it stimulates a good response in the genital tract. So, the innovative concept is to start to give the vaccine into the nose with three doses. This prepares the body for a good response in the genital tract to block infection with antibodies that keeps it out."

Unfortunately, most of the HIV vaccine volunteer has failed to make a human body produce an effective protection against HIV. But a phase two clinical trial is in place to see if the Euroneut vaccine is effective.

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