Hobby Lobby President Steve Green Opens Bible Exhibit in Israel as Washington Museum Planned for 2017

By Heather Clark, Christian News Network On October 28, 2013

(Photo: Courtesy of The Green Collection)

Hobby Lobby president Steve Green.

JERUSALEM - The president of the popular American craft chain Hobby Lobby has opened a temporary Bible exhibit in Israel in his effort to educate visitors on the history and contents of the Scriptures.

The exhibit, called "Book of Books," is located inside the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem.

"We have operated our businesses on the Bible, and we have raised our family according to the Bible," President Steve Green told the Jerusalem Post. "We started with a Bible collection to tell the story of the Bible, which obviously brought us to Israel, and working with the Bible Lands Museum was an exciting opportunity for us to have the exhibit here, sharing the story of the Bible."

Green flew to Israel with his wife Jackie on Wednesday for the exhibit's unveiling the following day, and took a tour of the Holy Land, including the Via Dolorosa.

The display features a large collection of manuscripts, including the fragments of the Septuagint, the Codex Climaci Resciptus (one of the oldest copies of the Bible written in Palestinian Aramaic) and a large portion of the Gutenberg Bible. Visitors are also provided iPads to enhance their experience. The majority of the items belong to the Green family, which possesses the world's largest private collection of Biblical manuscripts.


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