Hurricane Sandy: One year later, building materials help families move back home

By Chris Huber, Cindy Higginbottom, and John Iwasaki,, World Vision On October 28, 2013

Downed trees were a common sight as Superstorm Sandy battered New York and much of the East coast of the United States. (©2012 Laura Reinhardt/ World Vision)

World Vision continues to support storm-affected communities by equipping local churches and community groups who serve families in great need. 

Kobi Nachman, his wife, and their five children fled their neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York in a hurry.

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Hurricane Sandy was upon them, overwhelming their home on Stanton Road with fierce winds, seawater, and sheets of rain.

'Total disaster'

"There was water beginning to come into the house as we left," Kobi says. They escaped to a friend's house.

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