• CAR: Special Criminal Court prosecutor appointed as killing continues Feb 21, 2017

    The three top faith leaders of the Central African Republic (CAR), who've won international recognition for efforts to end conflict in their country, have welcomed the appointment of a prosecutor for a Special Criminal Court. CAR has been beset by religious and ethnic conflict between mainly Muslim Séléka rebels and mainly animist "Anti-balaka" (anti-machete) vigilantes since Séléka seized power in a coup in March 2013 which has claimed thousands of lives with hundreds of thousands displaced....More»
  • The book "Religion and Law in Modern Russia" was published in Russia Feb 21, 2017

    The book, "Religion and Law in Contemporary Russia" was published in Russia. It was sponsored by the authoritative experts in the field of religion sociology and the advocates Roman Lunkin and Inna Zagrebina, Christian Telegraph reports according to the Christian Megaportal ...More»
  • Former Muslim reports hate Crimes on his Family after he left Islam Feb 21, 2017

    LONDON, UK. (February 21, 2017) -- Faisal Bashir, a former Muslim who became an atheist claims he has been a victim of increasing apostasy hate crimes in the UK. According to a report by Joseph Hartropp of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), the former Muslim claims his troubles began after his "apostasy" from the faith. Bashir, 43, grew up in a "moderate" Muslim family, but left Islam and became an atheist after he was disturbed by the messages of hate and intolerance he was hearing from local mosques....More»
  • When children become warriors for change Feb 20, 2017

    In a remote village in Cambodia, a little boy and his sisters have become warriors for social justice. Their weapon of choice is education, and their impact has proven to be immeasurable, Christian Telegraph reports according to Misson Network News. Kendra Szabo works with Food for the Hungry field staff in the 20 countries they serve, and each week she shares updates from the field to reveal how God is moving to end all forms of human poverty. Her story of Hean Nimol, the 7-year-old advocate with a heart for transformation, shows the power of community in affecting Gospel-centered change....More»
  • Connecting for change: The Multi-Faceted aspects of the Orality movement Feb 20, 2017

    HOUSTON, TX (ANS - February 20, 2017) -- I first came across the book "Oral Communication of the Scriptures: Insights from African Oral Art," by Herbert Klem, and started hearing about Orality, Oral Cultures and Oral Learners back in the 1980s. It was a seemingly obscure conversation among a few missionaries, mission leaders and cross-cultural scholars at that time. I began reading and researching on the topics, but there was not a lot available in those days. Little did anyone know at that time that it was the beginning of a very significant paradigm shift in the global church and mission movements....More»
  • God Calls People of San Juan to a New Beginning Feb 19, 2017

    There's old San Juan and new San Juan. One part of the Puerto Rican capital is still outlined with aging fortresses built into rugged cliffs with Spanish-inspired architecture rising from brick streets. The other, frequented by cruise ships, boasts modern hotels, chain restaurants and paddle boarders. The contrast between the old and new was a theme for San Juan Saturday as the second night of the Festival de Esperanza (Festival of Hope) with Franklin Graham got underway....More»
  • ‘It gives the feeling of a schism’: EWTN panel analyzes current ‘disaster’ in the Church Feb 19, 2017

    February 17, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) - On Thursday, Raymond Arroyo, canon laywer Father Gerald Murray, and The Catholic Thing's Robert Royal presented a somber analysis of the confusion caused by Amoris Laetitia. Arroyo featured Murray and Royal as guests on his EWTN show The World Over, where the three discussed the "odd" move of the pope's nine advisors pledging their allegiance to him this week. "This highly unusual vote of confidence comes at a serious time, a time of tension at the Vatican as major concerns are being raised about the direction of papal teaching and curial reform," said Arroyo. "I've never seen anything like this sort of a pledge of confidence. I mean, Parliament's done this in England, but I've never seen it done at the Vatican."...More»
  • Romania: a Nation in Protest, a Church in Prayer Feb 19, 2017

    There are a lot of protests hopping onto the international scene, and Romania is no exception. Romania's prime-minister-hopeful, Liviu Dragnea, was accused of stealing money from the government. His party then passed an emergency law just over two weeks ago decriminalizing offenses by government officials involving about $50,000 or less. That's when the protests started, Christian Telegraph reports according to Mission Network News....More»
  • Two Iranian Christians end Hunger Strike Feb 19, 2017

    IRAN (ANS – February 19, 2017) -- Two imprisoned Iranian Christians have ended their hunger strike after being promised medical care and progress in their case. Two Iranians on hunger strike useAccording to World Watch Monitor, Amin Afshar Naderi and Hadi Asgari, both of whom had reportedly suffered ill health and been refused medical treatment, have been in prison since August last year but have yet to be charged with any crime....More»
  • Shia Labeouf and Luke Turner bring Performance Art to the sttreet of Albuquerque Feb 19, 2017

    ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (ANS - February 19, 2017) -- The first thing that British artist Luke Turner told me concerning the mass of people gathered behind the El Rey Theater in downtown Albuquerque is that the demonstration was "not a protest." When I asked him what it was Turner replied, "It's an anti-division movement. We are for unity, a central voice of agreement." And actor Shia LaBeof would agree, chanting from afar, "We are anti the normalization of division."...More»
  • Pastor Brian Houston Announces Launch of New Hillsong Church in Israel Feb 17, 2017

    Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong church in Sydney, Australia, has announced the launch of three new church sites, including one in Tel Aviv, Israel. ...More»
  • Atheist Says ‘Amen’ to Jesus Christ Feb 17, 2017

    Fear and hopelessness were the chief emotions the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team encountered while ministering at an outdoor memorial in Berlin, Germany, just days after the deadly Christmas Market attack in late 2016. Chaplains from Canada, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States had plenty of opportunity to share the love of Christ by not only talking about the reason for the Christmas season, but also just by answering questions people asked. Be encouraged and praise God for stirring hearts as you read the following two stories:...More»
  • France passes law imposing up to two years prison for running pro-life websites Feb 17, 2017

    PARIS, France, February 17, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) - The French National Assembly has adopted legislation to make what it calls "spreading misleading information" about abortion punishable with up to a two-year prison sentence and a fine. The law specifically targets "electronic" and "online" means of spreading information with the intention of dissuading women from ending their pregnancy, but its wording is not restrictive. By and large, any person or group aiming to call public attention to the dangers and risks of abortion will be potentially at risk of prosecution....More»
  • Hope for Victims of the Nigerian Conflict Claiming more lives than Boko Haram Feb 17, 2017

    The two Nigerian villages are barely five minutes' drive apart. In one, Goska, houses were destroyed, churches burnt, shops vandalised, carcasses of animals littered the streets and most of the village remains deserted. The other, Dangoma, remains intact, untouched by the shadows of violence. Goska and Dangoma both lie in the Jema'a area of southern Kaduna in Nigeria's Middle Belt; however, Goska is an indigenous community that is predominantly Christian, while Dangoma is a settler community, mostly Fulani and Muslim....More»
  • Turkish Court blocks US Christian’s Deportation Feb 17, 2017

    Turkey's Constitutional Court intervened promptly this week to block temporarily the pending deportation and re-entry ban ordered against a US citizen active in Christian ministry in Turkey for the past 17 years. Without the high court's provisional ruling, Canadian-American David Byle would have been the fourth American Christian with long-term residency in Turkey to have been ordered out of the country in the past six months. All four have been charged with posing a "threat to national security", without any explanation....More»
  • Charges Reinstated against men Accused of Stripping Elderly Coptic woman in Public Feb 17, 2017

    The case against three men accused of publicly stripping naked a 70-year-old woman has been reopened. A month ago today (17 January), charges were dropped against the three men over a reported lack of evidence, despite a public apology from the President and the woman, Soad Thabet, identifying the three men. After the charges were dropped, Mrs Thabet told The Telegraph she felt "let down for a second time"....More»