• Should Conservative American Christians Be Alarmists? Mar 17, 2017

    "Alarmist" has become the newest label given to conservative Christians who raise concerns about the current trajectory of the culture in general or churches in particular. Like other labels — fundamentalist, theocrat, reconstructionist — the word itself is now used as a slur, and once deployed, the user feels no need to justify the accuracy of their claim. ...More»
  • Tanzanian Widow overcomes grief of husband’s Murder during spate of Church Attacks in East Africa Mar 17, 2017

    "Widows often suffer great loneliness. After I lost Elias I feared that loneliness very much". Three years on from husband Elias' death, Mary Lunyamila Meshack recalls how her life changed forever the night he stood guard during an overnight service at their church in Mwanza, on the shores of Lake Victoria. Elias was 35, a youth worker in northern Tanzania in 2013 (see WWM report below)....More»
  • Iran’s hidden Christians are becoming visible in the Migrant Camps of Europe Mar 17, 2017

    A pastor in northern France has described her church's ministry to Middle Eastern migrants in a nearby camp as "the mission field coming to you". The church's leader, Pastor Lydie Granger, said that among the estimated 1,400 migrants living in the camp outside Dunkirk were around 40 Iranians who had already converted to Christianity, and others who had become Christians since attending her church....More»
  • EU ruling against workplace Hijab draws Religious Freedom Criticism Mar 17, 2017

    Responding to the case of a receptionist fired for wearing a hijab to work, the Court of Justice of the European Union has allowed a qualified ban on religious headscarves in the workplace, Christian Telegraph reports according to Catholic News Agency. "Nobody should be forced to choose between their religion and their profession," said Adina Portaru, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom International in Brussels. "A court claiming to be a champion of human rights should safeguard the fundamental right to freedom of conscience, religion, and belief rather than undermining it. Citizens' deeply held convictions should be reasonably accommodated by their employers."...More»
  • Bellevue reaches $1M in Cooperative Program Gifts Mar 17, 2017

    Bellevue Baptist Church has become the first church in the Tennessee Baptist Convention to send $1 million through the Cooperative Program over a 12-month period, Christian Telegraph reports according to Baptist Press. In early March, the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board received a check for $83,333 that brought Bellevue's total giving through the Cooperative Program to $1 million since last April 2016....More»
  • Guitarist of "Korn" Band told the youth about Evangelism Mar 17, 2017

    The missionary organization Steiger held in Kiev (Ukraine) on March 13th a youth Provoke & Inspire meeting. The special guest of the meeting was the guitarist and one of the founders of the nu-metal band "Korn" Bryan "Head" Welch, who repented in 2005, Christian Telegraph reports according to the Christian Megaportal»
  • Vietnam: Hospital Worker leads 50 to Christ in Two Days Mar 17, 2017

    HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM (ANS -- (March 14, 2017) -- Born with bent feet, at two-years-old, Mai could not even stand. Doctors in Ho Chi Minh City had been unable to help the baby. Working area at Vietnam hospitalDespairing over her condition, the parents decided to receive prayer from a Christian pastor, along with five other Hmong pastors who were attending a training, according to a report by Christian Aid Mission (CAM)....More»
  • Easter Sunday TV Special on Reelz will Celebrate the Best, most Inspiring Movies of the past Year Mar 17, 2017

    HOLLYWOOD, CA (ANS, March 15, 2017) -- Movies make a profound difference in our lives. They can stir our imaginations and stimulate our minds. They can bring us laughter, tears, joy...or the whole range of emotion. They can arouse our compassion, spur us toward love, inspire our lives, or incite us toward action, and even hatred and violence....More»
  • A Little Love left Modesto, California: the passing of Royal Robbins Mar 16, 2017

    MODESTO, CA (ANS - March 16, 2017) -- When I first moved to Modesto, California, in October of 1990, there were three things I knew about the city: one, it was the home base of Gallo wines, two, it had lots of churches, and three, California State University, Stanislaus was close by in a neighboring city Turlock. I knew the second fact because I left the Bay Area to work for the Empire Church of the Brethren, a fellowship in the nearby city of Empire. ...More»
  • Global News Alliance (GNA) launches at NRB to great Expectations! Mar 16, 2017

    ORLANDO, FL (ANS - March 16, 2017) -- A groundbreaking event took place in Orlando, Florida, on March 2nd, when a group of influential of media executives, producers and journalists came together at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention for the "soft-launch" of the Global News Alliance ( "In today's overcrowded news environment", stated GNA Director Stan Jeter, "the most under-reported news is the story of God at work." He added that this unique news exchange would provide Christian media and ministries with a stronger voice and greater choices in telling that story....More»
  • Jesus appeared to Jailer in Middle East, Leading to release of Imprisoned Pastors Mar 15, 2017

    MIDDLE EAST (ANS -- March 13, 2017) -- Two pastors conducting a Bible study for new believers in an underground Middle East church were beaten, arrested by police, and taken to a secret jail. But after Jesus appeared to an official at the prison, their situation changed dramatically. "Police brought us to the religious (Shariah) court," Pastor Irshad* told Bibles4Mideast. "We were accused of blasphemy charges against the prophet, as well as misguiding Muslims into a false religion. The court ordered we be imprisoned, and we were taken to a secret jail run by secret police."...More»
  • Prison's 'Field Ministers' see wide-ranging impact Mar 14, 2017

    Four "field ministers" carry the Gospel's hope and redemption to fellow inmates at a Texas prison facility, equipped with training from Southwestern Seminary, Christian Telegraph reports according to Baptist Press. "I've been in prison before," Michael Rios humbly reflects. "I came in when I was very young. I had the right ideas, I had the right intents: get out, get married, have a life." Dressed in a white prison uniform, Rios speaks slowly but directly, his tattooed hands slowly gesturing to accentuate his words. He has been in prison longer than some of his fellow inmates have even been alive. Though Rios had the "right intents," bad choices kept him locked up, and he is now serving a life sentence....More»
  • Anti-Semitism said to demand Christian response Mar 14, 2017

    A wave of anti-Semitism that has drawn responses from government leaders and Jewish groups presents what the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship's president calls a "powerful opportunity" for Christians to share the love of Christ with Jewish neighbors, Christian Telegraph reports according to Baptist Press. Organizations focused on Jewish evangelism "are getting together," SBMF president Ric Worshill told Baptist Press, "and they're trying to find ways to encourage the local church and the local communities to actually let the Jewish people know that [anti-Semitic] conduct is not accepted."...More»
  • New Jesus Film Project®study confirms Billions have heard the Gospel around the World Mar 14, 2017

    By Michael Ireland, Chief Correspondent for ASSIST News Service ORLANDO, FL (ANS -- March 13, 2017) -- Hot on the heels of news that the Jesus Film Project® is closing the gap on the number of people groups yet to be reached with the Gospel, The JESUS Film is being hailed as one of the most effective evangelistic tools available. A new Jesus Film Project® study reveals the film "JESUS" -- along with other titles provided by the ministry -- have been proven as some of the most powerful tools available in the evangelical world in effectively spreading the Gospel....More»
  • North Korea: Crimes against Humanity Demand Justice Mar 13, 2017

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (ANS – March 11, 2017) -- The International Coalition to Stop Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea (ICNK), an alliance of human rights groups from around the world including Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), a UK human rights group, has announced its support for two new UN reports calling for the international community to hold the North Korean government accountable for crimes against humanity....More»
  • Faith-Based Movies and Martin Luther played key roles at the NRB 2017 Convention in Orlando Mar 13, 2017

    ORLANDO, FL (ANS - March 10, 2017) -- Christian communicators from across the nation and around the world gathered February 27-March 2 for Proclaim 17, the NRB International Christian Media Convention in Orlando, Florida. Participants heard from key ministry leaders, media mavens, and leading voices in society, while also networking and checking out new resources, services, organizations, and upcoming faith-friendly films, of which there were many....More»