• Pastor in Discrimination Case will receive $225,000 Feb 14, 2017

    A Georgia pastor fired from his government job over sermons alleged to be discriminatory will instead receive a $225,000 settlement from the state based on his own discrimination lawsuit, Christian Telegraph reports according to Baptist Press. In 2014 the State of Georgia's Department of Public Health hired Eric Walsh, a lay minister, to serve as a district health director. Walsh accepted the offer but not long thereafter state officials requested samples of Walsh's sermons and searched online for others. Days later Walsh received a voice message from the officials requesting to speak with him about the position. Unintentionally, Walsh later noted, he learned of his firing when the callers mistakenly thought the call had ended and could be heard laughing and using phrases such as "you're out" on the voicemail....More»
  • Every step of the way: how the Church Supports Marriages Feb 14, 2017

    It's Valentine's Day, and in countries across the world, people are focused on love and marriage. But for the Catholic Church, the celebration of - and support for - marriage is not limited to one day, but all year round, Christian Telegraph reports according to Catholic News Agency. "Marriage is not private," explained Rev. Richard Kramer, Director of Family Life and Pastoral Resource Development for the Archdiocese of Washington. "It's personal, but it's not private."...More»
  • The Reformation Square was Officially opened in the Latvian Capital Feb 14, 2017

    On Friday, February 10, in a solemn ceremony the President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis and German President Joachim Gauck officially introduced the nameplate of the new Reformation square in the center of Riga, the Latvian capital, Christian Telegraph reports according to the Christian Megaportal Now the Reformation square is right next to St. Peter's Church. The new name of the square in the Old Town was obtained after the request of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church and the German Embassy in Latvia....More»
  • They said her Baby was ‘Incompatible with Life.’ She showed them what it means to be an ‘Awesome Mom’ Feb 14, 2017

    Editor's note: Today is St. Valentine's Day. LifeSiteNews is pleased to bring you the true story of one mom's amazing love for her sick baby whom doctors said could be aborted. It is this kind of love that will one day save the world. BUCKS COUNTY, Pennsylvania, February 14, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) - Is there any real difference between a mother who terminates her pregnancy because the baby has practically no chance of survival and a mother who decides to keep such a pregnancy but whose baby dies just before he's born? Since in both situations the baby dies before birth, is there any difference? ...More»
  • North Korean Leader's Half-Brother dies Mysteriously in Malaysia Feb 14, 2017

    KUALA LUMPUR/SEOUL (ANS, Feb. 14, 2017) – A U.S. government source said on Tuesday it strongly believes that North Korean agents murdered the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Malaysia. In the extraordinary case surrounding the mysterious death of Kim Jong Nam, the U.S. government says American authorities have not yet determined exactly how he was killed, according to an unnamed source, who did not provide specific evidence to support the U.S. government's view....More»
  • French Court deems Extramarital hookups site a Legitimate business Feb 13, 2017

    PARIS, France, February 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) - A French court has sided with an website that promotes adultery after Christians voiced their concerns about its message of marital infidelity. Gleeden, named by combining "joy" with the sin of Eve, is touted as the world's "premier extramarital dating website" with more than a million members in 159 countries. Taste adultery and try a discreet relationship with your lover" is the message of an ad next to a picture of a bitten apple....More»
  • Jesus Film Project to Announce 1,500TH Translation of "Jesus" film at NRB Convention Feb 13, 2017

    ORLANDO, FL (ANS, Feb. 13, 2017) - In an exciting development, Jesus Film Project® will announce the language group representing its 1,500th translation of "JESUS," -- the most watched film in history according to The Guinness Book of World Records -- and provide an update on the impact of the film at this year's National Religious Broadcasters Convention, 'Proclaim 17', in Orlando, FL, Feb. 27- March 2....More»
  • James Fortune on Learning to Forgive Himself Years After Domestic Assault Feb 11, 2017

    Gospel Music artist James Fortune says it's now time for him to forgive himself for the domestic assault of his estranged wife, Cheryl, two years ago. Fortune, the Grammy-nominated leader of the group James Fortune & FIYA, is sharing his advice about learning to forgive yourself with his nearly 300,000 Instagram followers....More»
  • Woman With 'Irreversible' Blindness Says Sight Returned After Prayer at Church Feb 11, 2017

    Dafne Gutierrez, a 31-year-old Arizona mother of four who went blind more than a year ago is now praising God for blessing her with a miracle when her sight returned after she received prayer at the St. Joseph Maronite Catholic Church in Phoenix....More»
  • Archaeology Discovery: 12th Cave Containing Dead Sea Scrolls Found, but Biblical Texts Stolen Feb 11, 2017

    Israel's Hebrew University has announced the discovery of a cave in the Judean desert, the first of its kind in 60 years, which once housed the Dead Sea Scrolls, some of the oldest biblical texts in existence. BBC News reported that the although storage jars, fragments of scroll wrapping, and other artifacts connected to the scrolls were found at the site, the ancient parchments themselves were missing, and are believed to have been looted by Bedouin people in the 1950s....More»
  • Samaritan's Purse Solicits Prayers in Continued Response to Victims of New Orleans Tornadoes Feb 11, 2017

    After an EF-3 tornado ripped through Eastern New Orleans, Louisiana, Samaritan's Purse, a Christian organization that helps those in need, was there to provide relief and to help pick up the pieces. ...More»
  • Ex-Atheist Lee Strobel Explores Shroud of Turin in 'The Case for Christ' (Trailer) Feb 11, 2017

    The trailer for "The Case for Christ," the upcoming movie based on atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel's 1998 best-selling book of the same name, depicts the investigative reporter studying the world-famous Shroud of Turin and other pieces of evidence surrounding Christianity. ...More»
  • Why You Need a Relationship More Than a Religion Feb 11, 2017

    As a Southern California corporate executive for the fastest growing fitness company in the world in the mid-1990s, I had the opportunity to experience the devastating effects of life in the fast lane without rules or boundaries. As a result, I often went with the flow of society and focused on everything that the world had to offer. Throughout my 20s, I continued to run from God, searching for identity and truth in everything but His Word. By age 28, I had climbed the corporate ladder. Money and success became my gods and ultimately controlled my life. I was driven but for the wrong reasons. I felt a sense of purpose but it often left me empty. I was passionate but for the wrong things....More»
  • An Embryo Isn't 'Just a Clump of Cells,' New Research Shows Feb 11, 2017

    Can we finally give the myth that an unborn baby is "just a clump of cells" a decent burial? Yesterday Eric Metaxas told you about a manipulative article from The Atlantic that heaps scorn on the pro-life movement's use of ultrasound technology to show pregnant women and others the humanity of the unborn child....More»
  • 31 Days of Compassion: Eternal Healing for Women Feb 11, 2017

    January was Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and The JESUS Film Project promoted their 31 Days of Compassion to collect Magdalena discipleship packs for compassion ministries to women. Now, they're extending the 31 Days of Compassion through the end of February. The compassion ministries they're partnering with include outreaches to trafficking victims, pregnancy centers, and women's prisons, Christian Telegraph reports according to Mission Network News....More»
  • The Inspired Life in Hollywood Feb 11, 2017

    LOS ANGELES, CA (ANS -- February 11, 2017) - Not even the rain was able to put a damper on the star-studded Movieguide®'s Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala (, held on Friday, February 10th, at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Also known as "The Christian Oscars," the event that is always held close to the Academy Awards -- this year the 89th on Sunday, February 26, 2017 -- honors the best, most family-friendly movies and television programs honoring God and inspiring audiences with messages of faith, hope, goodness, justice, redemption, forgiveness, and true divine love....More»