iPad 5 Release Date Newly Rumored for September 2013, iPad Mini 2 May Get a Delayed Release For Major Display Upgrade

By Rachel Liu, Crossmap On July 11, 2013

iPad 5 is rolling out this August or September, while the release date of iPad mini 2 may arrive later, a new report suggests.

The much-awaited next generation tablets have been stirring release date and feature rumors as Apple gears up for major releases of new iPad models as well as a new iPhone.
While the iPhone 5S is largely expected for a fall release, the iPad 5 may get an earlier release date, with some rumors claiming as early as July 2013 release.

The iPad 4 emerged merely six months after the iPad 3, defying Apple's usual annual release cycle. The October 2012 release, just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, gave Apple a juicy boost, and we can expect the company to mirror its success with the fifth generation of its flagship tablet.

Though the new iPad models can surface anytime, the new 9.7-inch iPad is expected to be released in September, according to what sources from the upstream supply chain told DigiTimes earlier this week.

The suppliers have mostly finished preparing for the production of the iPad 5, the report claims. While no mass production schedule has been unveiled yet, pilot production can supply the initial launch, according to the sources.

The iPad family's new version of 7.9-inch mini device may not arrive together with the iPad 5, says the source, pointing out the possibility of a Retina Display for the iPad mini 2. If Apple decides to sport Retina, its release date could be pushed back to the end of the fourth quarter of 2013, DigiTimes reports.

If the iPad 5 lands before the mini 2, there is a higher chance for the mini slate to sport IGZO LCDs, another set of reports from Korea IT News says.
IGZO employs faster electron mobility and smaller wirings that lead to lesser energy consumption, according to Apple Insider, allowing the tablet to have enhanced power.

The iPad 5 is rumored to come with a lighter and thinner body than the iPad 4, with a whole new look.

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