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iPhone 5S Gold Release Date Set as October, Inventory Shortage Part of Apple's Strategy?

The iPhone 5S release date has come and gone, but without the gold color of Apple's new flagship smartphone.


Many of the Apple fans who lined up for the big day on Friday, when the much-anticipated iPhone 5S and 5C were made available. At New York City's flagship store on 5th Avenue, 1,417 people were waiting at 8 a.m. (EST), according to Munster, marking the longest line ever.

Despite the hype, those who planned to buy the gold color were met with huge disappointment.
At many local stores of the U.S. carriers, the gold iPhone 5S had little to no inventory. The newly revealed "release date" of the gold iPhone 5S is now set to be October.

Only a handful customers on earth are holding the new iPhone 5S handsets in the shiny gold (more like champagne) color.
On eBay, one gold iPhone 5S owner listed the device for $1,799.

Shipments for the gold 5S will take two to three weeks, according to a Verizon store in New York City's Financial District, according to The IBTimes. The 5th Avenue store sold out of the gold color in 20 minutes on the release date.
O2, a major European carrier, also has no stock of the gold 5S.
Even Apple's flagship store in San Francisco had only 20 gold iPhone 5S in stock, says Cult of Mac.

While Apple's online store lists the gold 5S's shipping time as October in the U.S., the silver and space gray models will be shipped in 7 to 10 business days.
In Europe, all three colors have their shipments pushed back to October.

Apple has already inquired its suppliers to increase production of the gold iPhone 5S by an additional one-third, according to Wall Street Journal sources.

The no show of the gold iPhone 5S confirms the rumors and reports before the release date, pointing the shortage of inventory for the new color.

Business Insider claims that the shortage of the gold handsets comes not from Apple's miscalculation but rather a deliberate marketing strategy.

And needless to say, their strategy has been successful, reflected in the gold 5s craze.

"Gold is a popular choice in many markets, particularly in Asia where Apple has a stated goal of growth," Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of luxury phone company Vertu, told CNN.
"Gold is a colour that is always in demand, whether for jewelry, watches or fashion."

"I...considered getting gold because it's the flashiest," Alex Levy, a 27-year-old law student, told CNET.
"But they're out of it, and the flashiness will wear off and you're stuck with a gold phone."

Allen, a student at the Art Institute, was about the 20th person in line after arriving around 8 p.m.

"I should have come here earlier," Allen, who lined up in front of the Santa Monica store told The Los Angeles Times.
"I just wanted the gold. I'm Jamaican, I love gold."

"I've had the white, I've had the black, I haven't had the gold. It just looks very exclusive," 23-year-old Nwabudike Washington from Culver City told the paper.
"I'm gonna need every prayer, hope I can get. I need to call up on Jesus. He needs to answer this call."