Is Supermoon on January 30, 2014 Visible? New Moon Celebrates Lunar New Year


Source: mypubliclands / flickr

Source:  Enderst07 / flickr
Source: Enderst07 / flickr



January 30, 2014 marks this year's second supermoon, which rises right in time on the Lunar New Year's eve.

Also dubbed a black moon, supermoon is a new or full moon that comes closest to the Earth and appears larger than usual.

The first supermoon in 2014 was viewable on New Year's Day. After January 30, supermoon is set to rise on July 12, August 10, and September 9.

On Thursday, the supermoon is a new moon, and thus is unlikely to be viewable to naked eyes. The moon hides in he glare of the sun throughout daytime, and sets with the sun at sunset, EarthSky explains.

If you still want to spot the supermoon, find out your local moonrise or moonset time and look for the moon on the horizon.

The full moon on August 10, 2014 will be the closest supermoon of the year. 



Source: mypubliclands / flickr
Source: mypubliclands / flickr