'Kingdom Racing' Brings Gospel to Racing Arena, Dreams to Reach "One Million Men for Christ"

God can use any and every talent to glorify His name, when we seek Him earnestly amidst our brokenness. 

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Here is a living example.

"Kingdom Racing," a Christian IndyCar racing team, aims to spread the gospel on the field of racing arena, winning as many as one million men for Christ.

As a non-denominational Christian organization, Kingdom Racing

“Our mission at Kingdom Racing, to ‘deliver God’s Word through motorsports,' means we’re all about winning hearts and lives for Christ,” says Houston businessman George Del Canto,  founder and co-owner of the racing team, according to Charisma News.

Del Canto had absolutely no connection to racing,  other than his passion as a race fan. God channeled his vigor for the faith-based team that honors His name.

Kingdom Racing has two outreach ministries to share their faith in Christ.

The "Miles of Smiles" ministry connects with local organizations and church congregations to nominate families and children who could greatly benefit from a VIP race day experience behind the scenes with an IndyCar team, the organization's website states.

“We treat them like rock stars,” Del Canto explained, “giving them deeply personal VIP access to the racing team and cars for the entire day, ministering to them, loving them."

Another outreach program is named "Fan Festivals," which is set up at the races at Indianapolis and Texas Motor Speedway.

"To reach the entire racing community, our trackside Fan Festivals feature show cars, autograph sessions, top Christian entertainment and more—offering experiences and resources that touch people in a comfortable way, giving them an opportunity to think about God," Del Canto said.

Two new venues will be added to Fan Festival ministry in 2013, including the inaugural Grand Prix of Houston in October.

The idea for Kingdom Racing, which was established in 2008, started years earlier, from Del Canto's personal journey of loss and restoration, according to Charisma News.

“A dozen years ago, I found myself bankrupt, financially, emotionally and spiritually," the founder explained.

"One night, I knelt down and cried, ‘God, I can’t take this anymore. I give all my problems to You—You find a way.’ And He did.”

Later, while in a prayer group that challenged him to carry out a "big dream for God," Del Canto remembers his wife asking him,

In a prayer group where his wife asked him, “What’s your big dream for God, George?”

“I’m going to build an IndyCar team and deliver God’s Word through motorsports,” Del Canto responded immediately, with a firm trust that the idea, which he unconsciously spoke out, was God-given.

The upcoming seasons in 2013 seem bright with a glorious goal of reach "one million men for Christ."

“With God at our side, seeking Him in all things, we can run the race of this life, deliver His Word, and celebrate true victory.”