Mark Burnett Confirms New Mini-Series 'A.D' As A Follow-Up To 'The Bible' Success; New Series 'Very Related To The Bible'

By Noah Delagracia, Crossmap On April 25, 2013

"The Bible" producer, Mark Burnett confirmed exclusively to the New York Post that a new series, tentatively titled: "A.D" will be the next Bible-related series under his belt. Burnett adds, however, that the new mini-series is not a sequel to "The Bible," but a whole new project.

“It is not a continuation of ‘The Bible,’ ” Burnett confirmed. “That’s done. It’s something else that is very related to the Bible.”

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The current title "A.D" is likely to change. Burnett has yet to finalize a script and has not yet found a network to host the new TV show. 

“I have scripts in my bag [that] I just received today for what’s next,” Burnett said to reporters earlier this week. “It’s going to be a bunch of episodes in the same world because we feel there’s a void and we’re filling that void,” he said.

Burnett expressed confidence in the fact that the new series will also be a hit as its predecessor, "The Bible." He also shared with reporters that he would like to screen "The Bible" series or the upcoming theatrical release to the Pope. 

“Roma and I would love to go to the Vatican at some point,” Burnett said.

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