Noah Movie Director Used F Word; Pastor Rick Warren Considers Watching Movie 'Noah' as a 'Wasting of Money'

By On March 17, 2014

Noah Movie

Pastor Rick Warren, the senior pastor of Saddleback Church recently wrote on his Facebook:

The Director of new "Noah" movie calls it "The LEAST biblical film ever made." The director then insulted millions of potential viewers by using the F word. Thanks for the warning Mr. Director. You just saved me from wasting my money. 

(This status had been deleted later)

The strong words soon attract many likes, comments and shares. Though many used the chance to attack Pastor Rick Warren, many Christian fans show agreement and support to Pastor Rick Warren. One fan replied:

I have been trying to tell everyone that this movie with all its big stars is bull pucky. Let us not be lazy. ..take time every day to spend quality time reading the Bible. ..God's Word...If you want the truth without the Hollywood agenda and fantasy read your Bible. 

Another said:

Hollywood always screws up the Bible. Why is everyone so upset over a movie. Just read your Bible. Worship at your Church. Let Jesus' light shine through you. And don't go to see the movie. We are to be the lights unto the world, and we should not rely on some movie director, or producer, or cast of actors to "portray" the scripture on the silver screen. Take Jesus Christ's word into the world yourself. The sooner ever Christian does that, the sooner we can all go Home. 

However, many Christians also showed the positive view on the movie, and expressed that they used the movie as opportunities to share Gospel to the unreached:

One said:

 I rather support movies that are kind of bible based instead of paranormal evil, gothic stuff. If the director is not Christian their most likely gonna do whatever they want, it's all about getting Gods name out there in stead of the wicked! can't wait to watch NOAH and Heaven is for real!  

A youth group leader said:

We have been going through the story of Noah with our youth group in the lead up to its movie release, and a number of kids that are not Christian are taking notice and asking questions. That to me says that we can use things that are not always biblical (the movie possibly) and see god in it anyway. I for one will be taking our youth group to it,and others who wanna see it, and then discussing the things that are off from the biblical account. God can and will use anything to reach the world. Why not. Movie based on his miracles? 

Also there are people showing frustration about Christian movie producer:

Christians sit in their homes and watch TV shows that are produced by people who use the F bomb every day, but they won't go see a movie based on a Biblical story because its director did that very thing? I for one am super excited to see this movie even though as a Christian I realize that artistic license will be taken. 

In the early interview with Russel Crowe, the leading actor, Crowe made a point that in the latest film, Noah will not be portrayed as a benevolent nor nice person, instead a person who stood by to watch the people in the rest of the world perish. However Christians with a better knowledge of the scriptures, have pointed out that Noah was described as 'a preacher of righteousness' as recorded in 2 Peter 2:5, which means he preached to the world about righteousness, instead of simply letting them die in the judgment of their sins. 

Crossmap did an analysis on how Biblical the movie is based on the released trailer. Click here to read the analysis. 

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