'Noah' Movie of Ray Comfort to be Released Three Days Early on YouTube

By Living Waters / The Way of the Master On March 24, 2014

Noah - And the Last Days.

"Noah" will be released on YouTube (at NoahTheMovie.com) three days earlier than the March 28 planned release date. 
This isn't Hollywood's version starring Russell Crowe, but "Noah--And the Last Days" produced by filmmaker Ray Comfort, whose award-winning movies have been seen by millions.
 Comfort said that he and Crowe have two things in common. "We were both born in New Zealand, and neither of us can pronounce 'ark' correctly (we skip the 'r'). But the similarities end there." In noting that their Noah movies are very different, Comfort explained why Hollywood's version may be bigger but he believes his version is better. "Hollywood's is listed as 'fantasy,'" Comfort stated, "while ours is based on the truth. Theirs is entertainment that will cost you. Ours is life-changing and will be freely available on YouTube."

Video: Noah Movie HD Official Full Version (Noah - And the Last Days) 

 Rather than tell the story of Noah and the Ark, Comfort's "Noah" looks at the parallels between Noah's day and ours and gives ten biblical signs of "the last days."
 Ray Comfort appeared on "CBS This Morning" (Charlie Rose) to talk about Noah.
 The Los Angeles-based filmmaker added that "Noah--And the Last Days" has been available for sale for the past month, as a pre-release download, to help cover costs and finance the production of future films. "Thousands have already downloaded it, for which we are grateful, and their reactions have been very encouraging."
 In addition to endorsements from Christian leaders, the film has received many positive reviews:
 ·         "Well worth watching! Watched it a few times already." --R. Rivet
 ·         "Brilliant and life-changing." --L. Smith
 ·         "It was tremendous!" --P. Biggers
 Comfort decided to release his film three days early because of the importance of its message. "We hope people will watch 'Noah--And the Last Days' to learn the biblical reason God sent a worldwide Flood and be able to share these truths with those who see the Hollywood version. Rather than providing mere entertainment, we want viewers to consider whether the biblical warning of Noah applies to them today." A Companion Guide is also available that explains why there are so many Flood stories, how the animals fit on the Ark, evidences of a global Flood, and more. 

Video: Noah Movie HD Official Full Version (Noah - And the Last Days)  

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