'Noah' Movie Review: Ken Ham Slams Darren Aronofsky's Unbiblical Epic as 'The Worst Film I've Ever Seen' Despite $44 Million Debut

By Daniella Chen, Crossmap On March 30, 2014


Russell Crowe-starring "Noah" has garnered enough tension and hype for its opening weekend, topping the box office with $44 million debut.

"Answers for Genesis" president Ken Ham, who recently stirred buzz by debating "The Science Guy" Bill Nye, was quick to fire criticism at "Noah," saying that "it may be the worst film I’ve ever seen" and that "it is hard to fathom why some Christian leaders have recommended this movie."

While director Darren Aronofsky has enraged Christian audience with the movie's unbiblical details and an environmentalist overtone, the secular Harvard graduate remained unapologetic.
 Aronofsky himself told New Yorker that “Noah” was “the least Biblical film ever made.”

In his opinion piece for TIME, Ham was unyielding in pointing out how unbiblical "Noah" is, and that the movie is an insult to God of the Bible.

"Except for some of the names in the movie, like Noah, his sons’ names, and Methuselah, hardly any remnant of the Bible’s account of the Flood in Genesis 6-9 is recognizable," Ham said in the article published on March 28. .

"The film’s Noah wants to totally destroy the human race and doesn't want his sons to have children. In perhaps the most shocking part of the film, Noah plans to kill his unborn grandchild, the child of Shem’s wife, if it is a girl. As Noah values his animals on board more than people and rants about it, he becomes a psychopath. Hollywood’s Noah is not the righteous man described in Hebrews 11 and other scriptures."

"There is barely a hint of biblical fidelity in this film. It is an unbiblical, pagan film from its start. It opens with: 'In the beginning there was nothing.' The Bible opens with, 'In the beginning God.' That difference helps sum up the problem I have with the film. The Bible is about the true God of creation; the movie does not present the true God of the Bible," Ham continued.

"It is hard to fathom why some Christian leaders have recommended this movie," the 62-year-old creationist lamented.
"Some of them argue that it can be used for evangelistic purposes. However, because the film grossly distorts the Genesis account of the Creation and the Flood, and it totally denigrates the godly character of the Noah of the Bible. In good conscience, we can’t encourage this strategy of evangelism."

Unfortunately, Christian audience also contributed to the huge success in its opening weekend.
“Noah” played well in typically Christian cities and states, drawing a lot of African-Americans and Hispanic audiences, Hollywood Reporter says. In 21 countries overseas, the film earned $33.6 million over the weekend and $51 million since its debut, summing up to total of $95.1 million worldwide.

In conclusion, Ken Ham declares that “Noah” is "an insult to Bible-believing Christians, an insult to the character of Noah, and most of all, an insult to the God of the Bible."

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