Phoenix bishop: Murdered priest was praying outside abortion clinic each time I went

By Pete Baklinski, Life Site News On June 20, 2014

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy

PHOENIX, AZ - As a homeless man faces charges for the murder of a 28-year-old priest and the violent assault of another priest during what police believe was a botched burglary, the murdered priest is being remembered for his pro-life homilies and activism.

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix lauded the pro-life activism of the late Father Kenneth Walker.

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"He and Fr. Terra, FSSP, [would] invite the whole congregation to say a prayer begging God for mercy regarding Roe v. Wade and the 'scourge of abortion' before they [began] their sermons."

"Every time that I went to pray during the 40 Days for Life at the abortion places, [Fr. Walker] was there with Fr. Terra," said Bishop Olmsted, reported theCatholic Sun. "They are faithful priests, joyfully serving their people."

According to Phoenix 40 Days for Life leader Jose Calzadilla, Father Walker and Father Terra joined the campaign every week at the Family Planning Associates site in Phoenix and Planned Parenthood site in Glendale.

"Fr. Walker helped lead the Good Friday rosary at the Glendale Planned Parenthood this past spring," he told Wednesday STOPP Report. "They attended pro-life luncheons and rallies. Their support for the unborn came across as a natural part of their lived faith and priesthood. As a member of the pro-life community in the diocese, you just KNEW of or saw their support. No question."

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