Pope Francis Hugs and Blesses Severely Disfigured-Face Man At St. Peter's Square

By James Lam, Crossmap On November 22, 2013

Evandro Inetti/ZUMAPRESS.com

In scenes strikingly similar to his encounter with the disfigured Vinicio Riva two weeks before, the Pope paused and spoke with the disfigured worshipper

Two weeks ago, a photo of Pope Francis kissing and embracing the disfigured Vinicio Riva moved the World. Another similarly striking moment was captured on Wednesday, Nov. 20 with scenes showing the Pope putting his arms around a terribly face-disfigured worshipper, blessing him among a large crowd in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican.

Having taken office for merely eight months, the Pope's compassionate deeds have had a huge impact on people. He has made personal calls to distraught worshippers, invited the homeless to dine at St Peter's Square and washed the feet of young offenders.

Earlier this week, "Love isn't a feeling," tweeted the Pope, who encouraged all people to take care of the needy. 





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Pope Francis,
St. Peter's Square,
Vinicio Riva