Son of Brian Jennings Who Was Killed In Car Crash Before Father’s Day Chooses Forgiveness After Finding Father's Notes; 'I Know God Has A Greater Plan'

By Katherine Diaz, Crossmap On June 19, 2013

Evan Jennings, 19, the son of Brian Jennings, 41, youth pastor of Alsbury Baptist Church, speaks about forgiveness in his father's death. 

Brian Jennings was killed in a multi-vehicle accident just minutes before Father's day when he stopped to help a stranded motorist Saturday night.

"What I've felt since that night is sadness, anger and confusion," Evan Jennings said Tuesday at a news conference at Alsbury Baptist Church, where his father was a youth pastor.

"I also felt scared about the future."

Brian Jennings had just finished a week-long vacation with his family at SeaWorld and had just celebrated Evan's high school graduation shortly before the horrific car crash.

Despite, the unimaginable emotions Evan Jennings is going through, he chooses to demonstrate forgiveness in this tough time. Evan spoke about how he came to this decision. 

"When I came home Sunday and turned on my dad's iPad, the first screen that came up was his study notes for our youth group," Evan Jennings said at the Tuesday news conference. "The topic written in big, bold letters was 'Forgiveness.' "

On Father's Day, Evan tweeted about the grief that he is dealing.

"My dad was murdered by a drunk who abandoned his friends at the wreck and ran my dad over all to avoid getting caught. He tried to help those people and was killed for it."

However, moments after, the grieving teen followed the tweet with another tweet about the discovery of his father's notes.

 "Going through my dad's notes on his iPad and find a page full of verses on forgiveness. I pray that I do not become bitter and become the man of God he desired for me. If anyone wants to come over, we can use the support."

At the news conference the 19-year old also said, while holding back tears, "We serve a God of forgiveness and love, and that's where our hearts are."

"This is a struggle for us," he said after pausing.

"But," he continues, "feelings come and go and I know God has a greater plan than us. I'll just focus on Him and stay true, and I can overcome that."

Evan said his family is praying for the families of the other victims of the car crash.



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