Tim Tebow and Matters of Faith: Quarterback's Religious Expressions Also Make Sense in Football Context

By Roy S. Johnson, ESPN On November 18, 2013

"Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart."

-- Psalm 37:4

Believe. Have faith. Trust.

I've heard those words a lot lately, and not just in church or at Bible study. Now, they're as much a part of the discourse of sports as "cover 2," "helmet-to-helmet" and "boo-yah!"

Thanks, Tim Tebow.

As a sports journalist and a Christian, I can appreciate the dual meaning of three phrases that are at the core of the bona fide cultural phenomenon that the Denver Broncos' second-year quarterback has become.

In a season that should be dominated by the excellence of the Green Bay Packersand their quest for perfection, Tebow has snatched the spotlight and become a lightning rod for opinions -- about his skills, and even more, about his faith.

The latter has been largely spurred by his PDFs (public displays of faith), especially the Tebow Bow, in which he drops to one knee in prayer following a touchdown. Of course, now everyone knows it as Tebowing.

By whatever name, it has inspired a full chorus of hallelujahs, hand-wringing and even hatred and ridicule.

From the onset of training camp, when he was the Broncos' fourth-string quarterback, Tebow was almost universally derided by NFL purists (snobs?) who labeled the run-first signal-caller as unfit to play the position. After he finally forced his way past the competitors on the roster, some called him the worst starting quarterback in NFL history.

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