Tom Clancy's The Division Release News Roundup: 5 Things Fans Can Expect From the Much Awaited MMO Game this 2015

By Shane Carter On March 30, 2015

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We have rounded up the news and reveals that we know so far about Tom Clancy's The Division release date.

These include the Alpha leaks, video clips on the gameplay, revelation about the factions, and some other stuff that pique the fans' interest about the most awaited MMO game this year.

Here are what have been revelead about Tom Clancy's The Division release for the past two months:

Dark Zones

Last month the details about Dark Zones were revealed which allow players to fight head-to-head with the possibility of losing items if they're killed. For the items to be permanently bound in the player's character, he should take them through a process called "Extraction," because if the character is killed before this process is complete, he will permanently lose the item.

Alpha Release and Pre-Alpha Footage Leaks

A low resolution footage of The Division has leaked online early this month showing a character running and rolling within a city covered in snow. It has drawn criticism but Ubisoft quicklyresponded and admitted that it came from a pre-alpha tests and does not represent the final quality of the game.

Also, Reddit users found last month a section on the game's official website whichis dedicated for an alpha test and a link to an Alpha section is found within the website's codes. Clicking on the code will show menu bars with a dedicated Alpha section in it.

An Alpha code apparently is already added in the webpage but set not to display yet and they can change the code when the Alpha  menu is ready.

The Cleaners Faction

A couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft revealed a faction in The Division who are called The Cleaners. They are covered from head to toe and armed with flamethrowers whose primary goal is to eradicate any sign of virus in New York City and will burn anything that move including human survivors. Players are recommended to stay away from them and run whenever they cross their path.

Thin Plot, More Action

Design & Trend through a Germany based PC magazine said that "narrative functions very loosely" in Tom Clancy's The Division. Like other MMO, the game will focus less on the narrative but will instead create action scenarios during missions that would give more excitement to the players.

Release Date

On February, Ubisoft confirmed that The Division, which is developed for PS4, Xbox One and PC, will be released this year along with Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

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