Toddler Basketball Star, Trick-Shot-Titus, With Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper

By James Lam - Joseph Ashby On December 28, 2013

An adorable toddler's stunning shooting skills landed him face to face with Hollywood actors Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum, who agreed to make a video with him.

Titus Ashby gained fame after his father Joseph Ashby posted a video montage of his son scoring hoops at various heights from 3ft to an astounding 7ft. He's appeared on various TV shows, including The Today Show, Katie Couric and Jimmy Kimmel. Last summer on Kimmel's show, Titus tied none other than Los Angeles Lakers 15-time NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant, according to IndiStar.

In this new video posted early this month by the toddler's dad, Titus challenges the two stars. Titus eventually beats Tatum, 14-5, and Cooper, 14-8. In the video, both actors are shown holding the small basketball star while they discuss their losses.

Titus Ashby is able to make shots from all sorts of unusual positions. He hits while sitting down; He swishes while standing up; He hits while driving a toy car full speed toward a hoop; He delivers while in front of a packed crowd at a Wichita State basketball game. And Titus can even sink shots from stories above in a building.

Watch the talented toddler's surprising trick shots for yourself!


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