David Against Goliath- Rion Paige: Judges are "Blown Away" - The X Factor USA 2013

By GospelVideo On November 11, 2013

Clearly, this was not intended for Christian Entertainment. But one cannot help but give thanks to God for all the ways he reveals his love, his enduring love through difficulties. Reflecting on this, how self centered are we compared to Rion, how much more self centered are we compared to Jesus. What are your fears? Trust in God, in His love towards you. You will surely defeat your Goliath - your biggest fears. You will find that truly God's love is bigger than Goliath, who is so small in front of God. 

Do you have any fears, difficulties that you are struggling with? Share and we will pray that God may open up the eyes of your heart to experience this deeper world of love and grace. 

Did you overcome any fears and difficulties? Share and give others faith in the loving Lord!

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