"Grace for All" a Modern Hymn by Holly Starr, Official Lyric Video

By ImageofGod - Holly Starr On March 12, 2014

I have no secrets from my God
No weakness I could hide
There is no path my feet could trod
My father could not find
He knows the doubts that flood my soul
Hears my questions great and small
Takes my burdens every one
He has grace for all

I will remember the heavy cross
where Jesus bled and died
When no one else could pay the cost
through death he bought me life
He knew the greatness of my fall
still he broke down every wall
All my sins are washed away
He has grace for all

Bring all your troubles and lay them down
Jesus will care for you
Though the darkness may surround
His love will see you through
He knows the pain of a weary heart
He will hear you when you call
He will meet you where you are
He has grace for all

His grace is all I need
His power when I'm weak
and His love that carries me
will always be enough

Hymn style original song by Female singer/songwriter Holly Starr.

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"Grace for All" written by Holly Starr & David Moffitt

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