Greg Laurie: My Thoughts on the Phil Robertson Debate

By Boaz Wadel On December 20, 2013

Phil Robertson.

A plain-spoken follower of Jesus is now “in trouble” for speaking his mind, and more specifically, for holding to a position that is taught in Scripture.

What Phil said has been described as “hateful,” “anti-gay,” etc. A&E has pulled him off the hugely popular show Duck Dynasty as a result.

I don’t know how stressed Phil is about this. He’s probably out duck hunting.

It seems to me that some people who talk the most about tolerance are the most intolerant toward anyone who dares to disagree with their views.

As Christians, we are not wanting to force our views on anyone. The fact is, we are, as a whole, tolerant of other people’s choices, even if we don’t agree with them. But what is being asked of us is not tolerance, but acceptance and endorsement of sin.

We cannot do that.

We believe in God, the Creator and designer of the world and all of its creatures. We believe He has provided, as the Bible teaches, an intended design for sex and marriage. We choose to hold to that, while being tolerant of those who choose to disregard it.
We stand with Scripture on the topic of homosexuality and every other sin the Bible speaks of.
And we will continue to tolerate and even love those that disagree with us.
It would be nice if that were a two-way street.

Here is an interview I did with Phil Robertson at the SoCal Harvest this year.