Have a Godly Thanksgiving 2013: Sermons of Great Preachers on Thanksgiving (5) - John MacArthur

By Carlton Cook On November 21, 2013

A Model for Giving Thanks (1 Chronicles 16:8-36)

Thanksgivings in the Old Testament

As we think about saying thanks to the Lord, obviously there's a lot of places in the Scripture we might go. But I want to take you to a place that you might not think about, but I found the Lord laying it upon my heart today and decided to draw your attention to it. The Old Testament, 1 Chronicles...the Old Testament, 1 Chronicles chapter 16...1 Chronicles chapter 16.

While certainly praise is referred to in this vast history that is written for us, probably by Ezra, this is the only place where praise actually takes place.

You will notice as you look at chapter 16, starting in verse 8, that the form becomes the form of the Psalms. It breaks out of paragraphs and it's placed in Psalm form. We're going to look at that Psalm in a moment, we're going to praise the Lord through that in a moment....

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