Jeremy Lin ( 26 PTS ) vs. Blazers (3-9-2014),He Said His Prayer Was Answer by God

By Boaz Wadel On March 12, 2014

My prayer for tonight was answered. Hopefully this builds lins' confidence and maybe he'll stop being anxious to make a lay-up or shoot a three. It wasn't his best shooting peformance but he certainly helped in a huge way. 

LOL at bill worrell pretending like he's happy for lin.

At 8:06 in the fourth quarter Lin had an assist stolen and hamilton two points taken away from him because of another terrible call by the referees against the rockets in this game. Ruled an offensive but it really should've been nothing on the replay. I felt the ref's used that as a call for lin later as a make up but still two points loss.

I'm not trying to start things up but I have to say what I see and it looks to me like dwight often looks lin off and purposely doesn't pass him the ball. It's just weird. 

I would've like to see lin hit all his free throws. That last one would've potentially given the rockets a 1 point lead to win the game but over time was really exciting anyway. Also 9/17 with 1 more 3 and lay-up made would've been ideal. So he got 26 tonight but I think 32 was what he should've had but his team won so... *shrugs shoulders*.

Jeremy Lin