Jeremy Lin Isn't the Only Christian Asian-American,Al Horford's ''Game-Winner'' Highlights

By Boaz Wadel On December 14, 2013

Two months ago, producer Christopher Chen released Linsanity, a documentary following Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin’s rise to stardom which explores the basketball player’s commitment to Christianity. The film recently spurred an interesting discussion on Huff Post Live about how Asian-Americans practice their Christian faith on Huff Post Live. All of the guests, including Chen, rapper MC Jin and spoken- word artist Jason Chu, seemed to agree that the Asian--Americans practice of openly embracing theirone’s faith is arelatively new and misunderstood concept in America.

At a time when most Americans say that religion is losing its influence in the United States, to embrace it, as many Asian-Americans do, is a social taboo. Those who act on their faith, like Lin, are still small in numbers compared to other ethnic groupstheir ethnic counterparts, even though Asian-American Christians are more inclined to say that living a religious life is an important goal. Practicing one’s faith openly, especially as an Asian-American like me, seems less realistic and less socially acceptable in America, as many millennials are increasinglylosing theirs. 

As a Chinese-American Catholic, I sometimes struggle to share my faith with others.