Mobbing Feminists Attack Argentina Cathedral And Catholic Praying Defenders

By James Lam On December 3, 2013

A video shows an gang of feminists offending and sexually molesting a group of praying catholic men who are attempting to protect a catholic church against vandalism during a recent protest.

The violence took place on Sunday, November 24th during the National Women's Encounter, at which groups of Argentinean feminists came out to support abortion, homosexualism and contraception.

In the video, topless women spray-painted the men's faces and clothes. They drew mustaches on the men's faces with markers. They even performed obscene sexual acts in front of them and pushed their breasts onto their faces while shouting "get your rosaries out of our ovaries." 

It is reported that this is not the first time that the feminists wind up in public violence against churches and Catholics. In past protests, the cathedral of Bariloche, Paraná and Posadas have also suffered damages from these groups.  

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