One True Story of Human Traffickers in NYC - Restore NYC

By Vineworker On July 15, 2014

Human traffickers prey on society's most vulnerable - the poor, the uneducated, the undocumented, the homeless. They control victims by force, fraud or coercion, using beatings, sexual assault, gang rape, blackmail, or threats of serious harm to loved ones. These victims, already vulnerable due to pre-existing circumstances, are even more helpless to escape once under the control of traffickers.

Though the State Department estimates that 18,000 foreign nationals are trafficked annually into the U.S., only a small percentage is identified, leaving thousands still hidden.

Restore NYC refuses to leave these hidden victims behind. And you can help. Join us and donate at:

Written, directed, shot and edited by Luke Delahanty

Jiao Lei - Danielle Ma
Trafficker #1 - Jiho Jang
Trafficker #2 - James "Face" Yu
Trafficker #3 - Justin Prince Moy
Cop - Abraham Makany
Counselor - Rachel Lin
Gaffer - David Schmudde

SPECIAL THANKS to Ran and Christina for their translation assistance!

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Human Traffickers