[Video] Priest Condemns Wedding Photographers in Viral Video: This Is About God

By GospelVideo - Michael Borriello On September 24, 2013

Published on Sep 17, 2013

In a video that has gone viral on the Internet, a priest at an outdoor New York wedding scolds the event's photographers from distracting from the ceremony's holiness, saying "this is not about photography, this is about God."

The video, uploaded to YouTube by Michael Borriello earlier this week, shows an awkward interaction between an unnamed Episcopalian priest and photographers at the wedding of Rob and Noelle Ruehle last weekend in New York. In the middle of the ceremony, the priest turns away from the couple, directing his attention to the photographers clicking away on their cameras behind the clergyman at the altar. "Please, sirs, leave," the priest says sternly to the photographers.

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