The Mixtapes: Paul Begins to Realize the Sacrifices from his Parents - Jubilee Project Short Film

By Vineworker - Jubilee Project On March 21, 2014

As Paul is running away from home, he accidentally comes across a set of mixtapes. He discovers that these were the mixtapes that his parents made for each other. As he relives their love story, he begins to realize the sacrifices that they made in the process. This is a short film produced by Jubilee Project, inspired by and in honor of our families. The vision of Jubilee Project is to inspire young people to live for something greater. 

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Check out the behind the scenes here:


Rob Ryu (
Hannah Jun (
Jason Her (
Rebecca Galvan

Written and Directed by Jason Lee
Produced by Mylen Yamamoto
Director of Photography Daphne Wu (
Music by George Shaw (‎) and Jason Min (
Created with the support of Korean American Community Foundation (‎)

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