Tim Wildmon of American Family Association Talks about Rev. Billy Graham

By Boaz Wadel On December 14, 2013

Eyewitness News spoke with the Rev. Billy Graham's nephew Friday. He told Channel 9 that his uncle has had a couple of good days. 

Mel Graham said he spoke with the Rev. Billy Graham's daughter Friday. She told him he was having a good day. 

"Overall we are encouraged. He's doing great today. He had a nice breakfast, he sat up in bed and had oatmeal and a banana and his favorite fluffy cat was right there by his side," said the Mel Graham, Rev. Billy Graham's nephew. 

Mel Graham said his uncle did become weaker after his birthday party and the message he sent out. He thinks that took a lot out of him and made it a little harder for him to bounce back when he developed an infection.