Watoto Children's Choir | Telephone to Jesus

By ImageofGod On June 15, 2013

Watoto Children's Choir performs "Telephone to Jesus"

Watoto Church, formerly Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC) is an English speaking church located in the heart of Kampala City, Uganda. The mission of the church is "to be an English speaking cell-based community church, celebrating Christ, growing and multiplying as each one reaches one, touching those around us with the love of Jesus, bringing healing to the cities and the nations."[1]

The church has various cells in Kampala. Each cell comprises about 5 to 10 members who meet during the week. During the meeting they share in fellowship and reach out to the community in which they live. They are well known for their city wide Seed-Projects.

Pastor Gary Skinner founded the church with his wife, Marylin. Skinner is the current pastoral team leader, assisted by various district pastors and other ministry leaders.

Watoto Church is home to Watoto Child Care Ministries, a ministry that has pledged to make a difference in the lives of the orphans in Uganda, best known for its choir (the Watoto Children's Choir) that has toured the world.

Watoto Church is famous for its annual Christmas cantata. The cantata is a mixture of a live performance by a 200 member choir, dance, and scripted drama and lighting. The cantata historically has run through the week before Christmas.

Watoto Church has gone on to launch KPCGulu, a daughter church in Gulu, Northern Uganda, based on the same principles and doctrines as Watoto Church.

In 2007, the newspaper Sunday Vision checked the accounts of twelve Pentecostal churches, and noted with favour that KPC (as it was then known) was one of only two that had their accounts professionally audited.[2]

Watoto Children's Choir,
Telephone to Jesus