Avatar 2 Release Date and Plot Spoilers: James Cameron Shares Plans of Making Pandora a 'Fantasy Land'. 'Avatar' Sequel to Focus More on Jake and Neytiri's Family.

By Claire Taylor


          Every movie-goer know what kind of phenomenon James Cameron's Avatar evoked from all parts of the world. It has made history many Hollywood films are still dying to top, but they haven't even gotten closer.

          That's why when Cameron, the helmsman and the screenwriter of the acclaimed movie, announced that not just one, but at least three sequels were in order, many of his fans and followers of the film rejoiced.   

          Today, much anticipation lies on the followup movies, which are already on its early stages of development.

          Here's the latest Avatar 2 Release Date and Plot Spoilers.

          According to the award-winning director, he is penning the scripts for the Avatar sequels consecutively in order to avoid plot holes and keep them well connected to the story. Thus, pushing the release date further to 2017.

          "There's a layer of complexity in getting the story to work as a saga across three films that you don't get when you're making a stand-alone film. My team and I are writing three simultaneously and we've done that so that everything tracks throughout the three films. We're not just going to do one and then make up another one and another one after that." He said.

          For those who haven't watched the first film, spoiler alert. Avatar concluded with Jake Sully and the Na'vis going against the humans, who have been driven by anger and greed to destroy their home. Since, technically, the place they lived in isn't as habitable anymore, Cameron is exploring the world of Pandora further.

          In Avatar 2, we got to see more of Pandora's oceans and the underwater world. "It's going to be a lot of new imagery and a lot of new environments and creatures across Pandora. We're blowing it out all over the place."

          At first, it was thought that the setting will be in an entirely different world, an idea acknowledged by the director. "At first I thought I was going to take it onto other worlds as well, in the same solar system." He said. "But it turned out not to be necessary.

          Instead, he vows to cover all parts of the planet. "I mean the Pandora that we have imagined will be a fantasy land that is going to occupy people for decades to come, the way I see it."

          Also, a potential plot spoiler for those who don't know yet - While the first Avatar film involved a love story between Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), Avatar 2 will be more focused on family.

          "It's really the story of his family, the family that he creates on Pandora. His extended family. So think of it as a family saga like 'The Godfather,'" He said to Screen Crush.

          We're just as excited as you are to see what different adventure will make it to the big screen when Avatar 2 comes.



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