Narcos Season 2: Spoilers, News, Updates, Netflix Documentary on Pablo Escobar

By Yumi Redfield

It has been more than six weeks since Netflix announced that they have ordered a second season of historical crime drama, Narcos.

With ten months still to go before the second season of Narcos airs, this is assuming that Narcos season 2 will air at around a year after Netflix released the first one, Narcos showrunners have been very stingy with news about the upcoming season (which is very understandable).

The good news is that since Narcos is a historical crime drama (operative word historical) based on drug crime lord Pablo Escobar, it is pretty easy to guess where Narcos will be heading towards the second season.

Quick Recap – Spoiler Alert for those who have yet to binge watch on the series – the first season of Narcos started in 1989 and with the very quick pacing of the show, showing around a year of his life per episode, and ended around 1992, the year that Pablo Escobar escaped his prison, La Catedral.

Although there is just a little more than a year and a half from his escape from La Catedral to his death in December 1993, a lot did happen in the months in between, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the second season of Narcos would tackle that.

It has already been reported that Eric Lange will be joining the cast of Narcos as a CIA Agent in the second season, so it can easily be assumed that the second season would show the joint operations between United States and Columbian police in their quest to capture the elusive Pablo Escobar. The Columbian police force trained by the United States was eventually called ‘Search Bloc’. The search for Pablo Escobar brought about the creation of the vigilante group, Los Pepes (LOS PErseguidos por Pablo Escobar / People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar) and is known to be financed by his rivals, notably the Cali Cartel, which were already introduced in the first season. The Los Pepes hunted down and killed known associates and relatives of Pablo Escobar which made Escobar fear for the safety of his family.

There is still quite a long way to go before the second season of Narcos, and since Netflix seems to know this, they have released a three part documentary inspired by the Narcos series, titled “How Pablo Escobar’s Legacy of Violence Drives Today’s Cartel Wars”.

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