New Girl Season 5: Megan Fox as Series Regular? Premiere Date, Spoilers, News, Rumors

By Yumi Redfield

With Fox already announcing the New Girl season 5 premiere date, there have been set pictures leaked showing some major spoilers!

In the New Girl set photos released by People, it showed New Girl fill in Megan Fox, kissing Jake Johnson on the sidewalk. The next images showed Jake Johnson looking longingly as Megan Fox walks away.

With the leaked pictures, and the story development, there have been a lot of speculation that Megan Fox’s character, Reagan, might not be as temporary as everyone initially thought. If Jake Johnson’s Nick Miller will really be hooking up with Reagan, it just might be possible that Reagan will stay around longer than initially thought, with further rumors claiming that they might announce her as a series regular.

It has already been previously reported that Megan Fox will be filling in for New Girl star Zooey Deschanel while she’s on maternity leave. Megan Fox’s character is a medical sales representative who rented out Jess’ room while the latter is sequestered on jury duty.

For New Girl fans who miss their Jess, there are very interesting and amusing spoilers revealed by TV Line. Since the New Girl executive producers knew that Zooey Deschanel would be going on maternity leave, they pre-taped several episodes even prior to being renewed for season 5.

And as the report revealed, in the premiere episode of New Girl season 5, fans would see Jess and Nick, who are Schmidt and Cece’s Maid of Honor and Best Man, respectively, plan an engagement party for the couple. Said engagement party is set to include an ‘elaborate Bollywood dance number’.

Just a few weeks ago, another guest star was also announced for New Girl season 5. It is said that Peter Gallagher would be in the new season as Schmidt’s father. Not much information about Gallagher’s character or reason for his appearance was released though, we’ll just have to wait until New Girl premieres.

The good news is that there is not much of a wait as New Girl season 5 has been announced to premiere on January 5 on Fox.

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