'19 Kids and Counting' Michelle Duggar: Being a "Safe Place" For Our Kids

By Vineworker

When it comes to raising adolescents, Michelle Duggar says that communication between children and parents is vital. She discusses the subject in her latest post on the TLC Parentables page.

As parents, Jim Bob and I try to take the time to really open the lines of communication and let [our kids] know about the big changes they can expect. 

Michelle recognizes that each of her nineteen children have different strengths, weaknesses, needs, and desires. Some share their hearts willingly, while others are more hesitant to open up. 

Pulling out the kids that don't talk as much is really important, giving them that time and that space. Then if they share, giving them the time to talk and just listen. 

In addition to being attentive listeners, Michelle adds that parents should continually look for ways to build their kids up with words of encouragement and remind them that the changes they are experiencing are normal.

They'll get through this difficult season of life and come out on the other end a solid, balanced adult.

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